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It's quicker and easier for Department of Transport (DoT) customers to sign up for a DoTDirect account with customers now able to create an online account immediately and without waiting for a registration code to be issued in the mail.

DoT's Director General, Richard Sellers said that upon meeting necessary proof of identity requirements, customers are now able to get onto the DoT website to create a DoTDirect account immediately, allowing customers to manage information relating to their licence, vehicle, boat and trailer online.

"It makes transacting with the DoT a lot easier because all the necessary information is available in the one place, whether you want to pay an account or check your licence status," said Mr Sellers.

DoTDirect is a suite of applications and tools that allows you to do the following transactions in the one place:

  • Change address.
  • Vehicle licence check and payment.
  • Driver's licence check and payment.
  • Boat registration check and payment.
  • Transfer a vehicle.
  • Demerit point check.
  • Purchase an auxiliary plate.

"One of the benefits in having a DoTDirect account is that you don't need to remember your account number or have your renewal with you to pay your account - it also removes the chance of accidentally paying someone else's account by entering the wrong numbers.

"Another enhancement made to the DoTDirect account is a new payment trolley for customers, allowing more than one account to be paid in one transaction," said Mr Sellers.

DoT is committed to providing customer-centric services and solutions and will continue to transform the way in which it delivers its services, providing customers with more choice and greater convenience.

Fact File

  • To register for a DoTDirect account, all you need is your driver's licence and vehicle details
  • Customers can request a registration code to be mailed in the post if they do not own a vehicle or do not have the required details

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