Be prepared, be safe on the water this Australia Day

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Preparation and planning are essential to staying safe and having fun on the water this Australia Day. Skippers planning to take in the Australia Day Skyworks from the water are encouraged to complete a full safety check of their vessel and equipment before leaving home.

Department of Transport (DoT) Director of Waterways Safety Management Chris Mather said Australia Day was the busiest time of the year on the river, attracting a huge number of vessels to the Swan Canning Riverpark, making safe boating critical for the enjoyment and wellbeing of all water users.

"Skippers planning on attending the Skyworks from the water need to prepare by doing a BEST check to ensure their Boat, Equipment, Safety equipment and Trailer are all in good working order," Mr Mather said.
"It is vital that all vessels have working navigation lights, lifejackets, flares and a suitable anchor, so they don't drift."

"Skippers are responsible for their passengers at all times and should be familiar with the restrictions and closures and aware of all possible dangers."

There are a number of special restrictions on Perth Water on Australia Day that skippers must adhere to on the day, including the requirement to have a Recreational Skipper's Ticket to be in charge of a vessel with a motor of more than 6HP. Skippers will be required to navigate several exclusion zones implemented around barges on the river in the days prior and on the day of the event.

Given the high number and density of vessel traffic and the close proximity of anchoring, DoT will not be permitting commercial operators to facilitate raft ups on Perth Water on the day.

For more information about Australia Day restrictions and closures and how to do the BEST safety check visit the Australia Day page.

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