New weir design concept unveiled to Esperance community

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The location and design of the new weir at Bandy Creek will prevent future damage to the nearby boat harbour and surrounding landscape in the event of a major flood similar to those experienced in 2007 and early last year.

Department of Transport (DoT) General Manager Coastal Infrastructure Steve Jenkins said the proposed location and concept design for the new structure was now available for community feedback.

Following a significant flood event in 2007 the weir was reconstructed and in February 2017 the structure was overtopped by floodwater causing significant damage including erosion of its foundation and a collapse at the southern end.

Mr Jenkins said the design, location and alignment of the new weir would help reduce the chance of future damage to the structure.

"It's proposed the new structure be positioned about 50 metres upstream of the old weir and its design modified to include a below ground cut-off wall. The new alignment will be perpendicular to the creek flow which will help to reduce any concentrated pressure and force on the structure and make it more resilient under these conditions," Mr Jenkins said.

"As a low level weir, tidal flushing and fish movement between the creek and harbour will continue and there will be no impact on the water level or quality of the Ramsar protected wetlands upstream. The design also includes an elevated platform providing an access road for pedestrian, emergency and service vehicles across the waterway.

"The release of the design of the new weir followed considerable thought and investment in professional expertise to reinstate the many benefits of a weir at the location, including reducing sediment deposition from the creek in the DoT operated boat harbour."

It's anticipated a contract for the construction of the new weir will be awarded later this year. The majority of funding for the project will come from insurance.

People wanting more information or a copy of the conceptual design for the new weir can visit or attend an information opportunity hosted by DoT on Monday May 14, 2018 between 6:30pm and 7:30pm at the Deep Sea Angling Club, Daw Drive, Bandy Creek.

Displays showing the features of the new weir and further information about the project will be available to the community.

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