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As the number of recreational vessels sharing WA waterways increases, skippers are being reminded to properly display their vessel registration sticker and number.

To assist, the Department of Transport (DoT) has produced a new Vessel Registration brochure, providing information about the type of vessels that need to be registered and details on the type, size, colour and placement of the registration number and sticker.

DoT Safety Education Manager Laurie Adams said a concerning number of recreational vessels on the water don't comply with requirements for the positioning of the registration number and sticker, so they can be clearly viewed.

"This makes it difficult for authorities and others to identify a vessel, which in an emergency could impact a timely response and inhibit a successful outcome," Mr Adams said.

Mr Adams said it was the responsibility of the skipper to check the vessel's registration was current before going boating.

"Current registration of a vessel provides authorities with up-to-date information about the vessel and the associated fees contribute to boating infrastructure improvements and other services to assist skippers including navigation aids, safety education and compliance patrols," Mr Adams said.

There's currently 98,649 registered recreational vessels in WA, 811 more than in 2013/14 representing an increase of just under one per cent growth in the past five years. Skippers who go boating without current registration face a $160 fine.

Get more information about vessel registration and view the new brochure Vessel registration: Safety guidelines - Marine Safety on the Boat registration page.

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Vessel registration: Safety guidelines - Marine Safety
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