Skippers reminded to navigate safely when taking in Mandurah Xmas lights

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Skippers planning to view Christmas lights from Mandurah's canals are being urged to brush up on the navigation rules and complete a safety check before arriving at the boat ramp.

To assist skippers the Department of Transport (DoT) has published a special guide Mandurah Canal Navigation detailing correct navigation for the increasingly busy waterways, the required lights, and other safety gear to be checked as part of preparations.

DoT Senior Marine Officer Adam Rando said skippers were also urged to adjust vessel speed to limit wash and be courteous and patient on the water and at the ramps, as Mandurah's canals become increasingly busy in the coming weeks.

"The guide is a handy reference to have on board and contains tips for safe navigation at all times on the growing network of canals in the Peel region," Mr Rando said.

There is a significant increase in the number of commercial and recreational vessels navigating the canals in December and January due to the colourful displays of Christmas lights at many canal homes.

All vessels on the water between sunset and sunrise are required to display the appropriate navigation lights. Skippers should check their vessel's navigation lights are operational as part of the routine safety checks undertaken before a voyage and it's recommend they carry spare bulbs on board.

"Skippers are reminded that they are responsible for the safety of all of those on board their vessel and those who properly plan their voyage limit the chance of an incident," Mr Rando said.

"DoT officers will be working closely with the Water Police to assist skippers and monitor compliance with safety requirements".

For a copy of the Mandurah Canal Navigation Guide, download below or visit the Marine publications page.

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