Albany gets a technology boost to improve provisional licensing

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New technology will provide improvements to the Practical Driving Assessments (PDA) for regional learner drivers in the Great Southern.

The iAssess application is now being used for PDAs in Albany, after being rolled out in the metropolitan and South West region.

iAssess technology links licensing administration systems, which streamlines the processing of assessment records.

Sue Lannin, Regional Director Southern Region Department of Transport (DoT) said the new technology will result in reduced wait times for in-depth feedback for learner drivers following their test and enable applicants to gain a better understanding of safe driving practices, through improved feedback.

“Our Albany customers are now able to sit their Practical Driving Assessments with the new iAssess enabled technology, which DoT is rolling out to the regions,” said Ms Lannin.

iAssess has GPS tracking capability and is part of an application utilised on a mobile tablet which electronically records the PDA, as well as voice recording whilst in use.

“This new technology, enables our assessors to receive a standardised report after the PDA, providing more in-depth feedback and also tracks where learner drivers are having trouble when attempting their Practical Driving Assessment.

“We have seen some learner drivers struggling with signalling and checking their blind spots, so this is something that we would be able to track and monitor on the iAssess application.

“We can then look at trends that show where key driver behaviour needs to be improved in the region and refine our education, to benefit both driving instructors and learner drivers in future,” Ms Lannin said.

This new application also complements the new smart queuing system, which allows staff to manage customer flow and better direct customers to experts in certain transactions, allowing a more seamless customer experience.

The Department of Transport is investing in a number of customer centric technologies and systems that will continue to improve the customer experience.

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