Collaborative investigation to find a solution to the Fascine

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The Department of Transport (DoT) has committed to continued work with the Shire of Carnarvon to fully investigate short and longer-term solutions that provide improved vessel access to the ocean from the Fascine.

DoT Coastal Infrastructure General Manager Steve Jenkins said ongoing hydrographic surveys and satellite photography by the Department would provide a better understanding of the changes in the waterway and a further technical study would set a way forward for all parties working in collaboration. 

The Shire of Carnarvon received a grant of $38,250 from DoT’s Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme in 2017-18 to fund a study to identify options for optimal permanent solutions to Fascine access issues.

Mr Jenkins said DoT would work closely with the Shire to provide technical advice and peer review for the study, which could potentially include options for shore protection and a modified channel alignment.

“When the study is complete it will set out a scope of works necessary to reinstate a navigable ocean channel and establish a cost estimate for those works which will then allow funding options to be explored,” Mr Jenkins said.

Short term solutions implemented by DoT include the reopening of the Carnarvon Boat Harbour boat ramp which provides ocean access for small vessels.

The Fascine’s ongoing management and maintenance dredging is the subject of a Management Deed and Agreement signed with the Minister for Transport in 1995.

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