Seagrass wrack work at Port Geographe

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Work will commence as soon as possible to move seagrass wrack and restore part of the sandy shoreline of the Western Beach at Port Geographe ready for the holidays.

The Department of Transport (DoT) is undertaking the work and will engage contractors who will use earthmoving equipment to push the seagrass wrack to clear the shoreline.

DoT Director Coastal Facilities Donna West said the work is additional to the maintenance campaign already announced for the Western Beach, marina entrance and Wonnerup, to provide benefits for locals and visitors this summer.

“To maintain safe navigation and ensure the water quality within the marina, dredging of the Port Geographe entrance channel is generally required during spring and early summer. This is to clear the entrance to safe depths for vessels and allows the marina to flush with clean water from Geographe Bay with the tides,” Ms West said.

“It’s anticipated the marina dredging will be completed in the next few weeks prior to the busy summer holiday period.”

Ms West said a special meeting to discuss the coastal management at Port Geographe, convened by the City at the request of DoT, was planned for Thursday December 5, 2019 and would involve community and stakeholder representatives.

“DoT working in partnership with the City, prior to and throughout the reconfiguration project has worked closely with the local community and remains committed to delivering the best outcome for the reconfiguration of the coastline at Port Geographe,” Ms West said. 

Port Geographe’s marina entrance and adjacent beaches are managed under the publicly available Port Geographe Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan. This outlines the management methods which can be employed to manage wrack and sand around the marina.

For a copy of the plan or more information visit Port Geographe reconfiguration.

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