Mobile CCTV units to target speed at Port

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Skippers navigating Fremantle Port waters are being reminded to abide by the 8-knot speed limit after a recent increase in vessels speeding through busy Fremantle Inner Harbour.

The Department of Transport (DoT) and Fremantle Ports are working collaboratively to address the concerning trend.

DoT Director of Waterways Management Chris Mather said safety compliance patrols and a mobile CCTV unit would be used in the area in a targeted campaign over the next few months to monitor vessels transiting the Port to and from open water.

“The Port is one of the busiest locations on the water and with such a high level of shipping activity it is essential that recreational skippers respect the restricted speed limit in the area,” Mr Mather said. 

“The use of CCTV at Belmont, at Narrows Bridge, Deepwater Point and Point Walter together with two mobile units have been very successful in reducing speeding and led to safer sharing of waterways.”

Comparison of total infringements and cautions recorded at the four permanent CCTV locations in December, January 2018/19 and last summer (December, January 2019/20) showed a 48 per cent fall from 212 to 111.

Fremantle Ports Acting Harbour Master Capt. David Heppingstone said keeping to the 8-knot speed limit and to the right of the main channel is a must for all craft travelling through the Inner Harbour.

“Ships visiting Fremantle are up to 150,000 tonnes, they cannot stop or change course quickly and they are often travelling faster than you think,” Capt. Heppingstone said.

Mr Mather said DoT introduced two mobile CCTV units earlier this year to make it easier to respond to trouble spots on the water, where behaviour change was urgently needed to avoid a tragedy.

“CCTV and the expanded number of radar speed signs in operation on the Swan Canning Riverpark, were useful tools in waterway management and complement DoT’s existing marine safety compliance patrols,” Mr Mather said.

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