Trial aims to widen Castletown Beach

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The Department of Transport (DoT) is working with the Shire of Esperance to widen Castletown Beach with a special trial that will see dredged sand pumped from Bandy Creek.

Sand from the entrance channel at the Bandy Creek Boat Harbour will be pumped 3.6 kilometres through temporary onshore pipelines to the beach to avoid future trucking campaigns to replenish sand levels.

An estimated 40,0000 cubic metres of sand will be pumped to replace eroding sections of the beach, widening the coastline, protecting the foreshore and enhancing the beach for locals and visitors to the area.

DoT Maritime Executive Director Steve Jenkins said recent hydrographic surveys confirmed maintenance dredging was required in the area to restore the entrance channel depths and ensure safe access to Bandy Creek Boat Harbour for skippers.

“Maintenance dredging at the harbour is undertaken every two years by DoT to ensure all commercial fishing, charter industry and recreational vessels have safe access to the facility,” Mr Jenkins said.

The dredging, pumping and sand replenishment trial will commence in early-May with works allowed between Monday and Saturday from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Skippers operating in the dredge area and people accessing the beach should be aware of the special safety arrangements implemented for the dredging and sand replenishment works. Sections of the beach may be temporarily closed to ensure public safety.
For more information about DoT’s dredging and sand bypassing program visit our website.

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