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Freight information

Here you will find information about the movement and management of freight/heavy vehicles in Western Australia.

Efficient freight movement is essential to Western Australia's economy. More than 60 million tonnes of freight move in and through the metropolitan area each year, so well-designed transport networks with good access to major terminals and depots are essential for the freight industry.

At the same time, community severance, damage to wetlands, noise, pollution, safety and the devaluing of property are major concerns for the community, and often a point of conflict between the public and industry.

Driver fatigue management


Read more about: Driver fatigue management

Driver fatigue is one of the most significant safety hazards facing the road transport industry world-wide.

Freight and Logistics Council WA


Read more about: Freight and Logistics Council WA

The Freight and Logistics Council of Western Australia reflects the trend in industry towards broad-based freight logistics outcomes.

Freight fees, charges and subsidies


Read more about: Freight fees, charges and subsidies

Here you will find fees, charges and subsidies associated with heavy vehicle use in Western Australia.

Freight on rail


Read more about: Freight on rail

Western Australia’s freight rail network is one of the State’s most important and consistent contributors to economic growth and is an integral link for industry, regional communities, and interstate and overseas export markets.

Freight plans


Read more about: Freight plans

Learn about freight plans for Western Australia

Grain road transport


Read more about: Grain road transport

The efficient transportation of grain is a significant issue for government and industry.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


Read more about: National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Heavy vehicle businesses that operate beyond the WA border will need to comply with the NHVR and the new Heavy Vehicle National Law rules and regulations.



Read more about: Owner-drivers

Find out important information on the Owner-drivers Act, Code of Conduct and the Road Freight Transport Industry Council.

Freight links


Read more about: Freight links

Useful links for heavy vehicle operators.

Freight forms and publications


Read more about: Freight forms and publications

Here you will find Freight related forms and publications for heavy vehicles used within Western Australia.

Contact Freight


Read more about: Contact Freight

How to make Freight related enquiries.



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