Grain road transport

The efficient transportation of grain is a significant issue for government and industry.

  About grain road transport

Grain is an important export commodity in Western Australia. Both road and rail transport are required for establishing an efficient grain supply chain throughout the State.

Provision of the appropriate road infrastructure, effective management of the road access regime, road management and operational arrangements, are essential for the efficient transportation of grain.

The overarching objective for the Grain Road Transport Management Group is to facilitate strategic and operational outcomes that are in the best interests of all Western Australians.

To achieve this, stakeholders must be committed to supporting appropriate integration, transparency, economic growth, safety, social and environmental requirements within the grain transport sector.

Industry and the State Government are committed to working cooperatively to facilitate the best possible grain transport outcomes with consideration to the current policy, regulatory and financial environment.

  Joint Management and Operations Framework

Five key stakeholders are working cooperatively to address road related transport challenges associated with grain transport:

  • The Department of Transport (DoT).
  • Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA).
  • Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), in conjunction with individual Local Governments.
  • Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH).
  • Bunge Agribusiness Limited.

Further details may be found in the Grain Road Transport: Joint Management and Operations Framework report.

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