About on-demand transport

On-demand transport is the transport of passengers for hire or reward where the passenger or hirer determines the locations for the beginning and end of the journey, as well as the time of travel.

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 What is On-demand transport?

On-demand transport is a flexible type of transport, where passengers or hirers choose where and when their trip starts and ends.

 Education and Compliance

Find out about compliance checks and procedures, including what to expect from audits, improvement notices and infringements.

 Safety for industry

A chain of accountability framework applies for the passenger transport industry in WA. Find out about how this applies to providers of on-demand booking services, passenger transport vehicles and drivers.

 On-demand transport industry portals

A range of tools and processes have been developed to help the passenger transport industry meet their safety obligations. Find out how to access and use these tools to contribute to the safety of the WA passenger transport industry.

 On-demand transport fees and charges

Find out about fees and charges for on-demand booking services, passenger transport vehicles and fares. Information on payment methods is also available here.

 On-demand Transport Industry Reference Group

The On-demand Transport Industry Reference Group (OdTIRG) provides a forum for constructive dialogue between the on-demand transport industry and the Department of Transport (DoT). Learn more about the OdTIRG’s role, responsibilities and membership.

 On-demand transport industry news

Keep up to date with the latest on-demand transport industry news in Western Australia.

 State of the industry

Find out the latest passenger transport industry statistics, including on-demand booking service and passenger transport vehicle authorisation totals.

 On-demand transport industry grants

Find out about on-demand transport industry grants, including the Regional Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Taxi Service Grant Scheme and the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Modification Grant.

 On-demand transport reform

Find out about what changed during the largest reform to the on-demand transport industry in WA’s history, creating a simpler environment for industry while reducing red tape.
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