Passenger transport drivers (PTD)

This section includes information on licence requirements, responsibilities, compliance checks and safety for drivers in the passenger transport industry.

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 What are PTD authorisations?

A passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisation is an annual authorisation the permits a person to drive passengers as part of their paid or volunteer work.

 How to apply for a PTD authorisation

A PTD authorisation is an annual authorisation that permits a person to drive a vehicle for hire or reward.

 How to view, renew or cancel a PTD authorisation

Find out how to view, renew or surrender a passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisation.

 Driver disqualification offences

Disqualification offences are safety and criminal offences that are more serious in nature. To keep our industry safe, being charged with or convicted of a disqualification may impact on whether you are granted a passenger transport driver authorisation.


Read this page for answers to some frequently asked questions about passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisations.

 Passenger transport driver responsibilities

Passenger transport drivers have a range of responsibilities depending on the type of passenger transport they are providing. Read this page for more details.

 Driver safety and rights

Your safety and rights as a driver are very important. Find out how to protect yourself and passengers, and your options regarding accepting trips.

 Apply for recognition of your non-WA PTD authorisation

To drive passengers for hire or reward in WA, you will need to hold a passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisation. Find out how to apply for mutual recognition of your interstate or New Zealand equivalent PTD authorisation in WA.

 Transporting people with disability

Information about working with people with disability, including TUSS, driver responsibilities, wheelchair loading, driver and passenger guidelines and driver training.
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