TUSS for drivers

This section provides guidance for passenger transport drivers about their Taxi User Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) responsibilities and how to safely transport people with disability.

TUSS is a subsidy available to certain eligible people with disability travelling in taxis. All taxi drivers in WA are legally required to accept TUSS vouchers as part payment for a fare. 

Some TUSS participants may be able to travel in conventional taxis. Other participants may have accessibility needs that mean they need to travel in a specially modified wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

The TUSS Guidelines outline how TUSS operates in WA and describe the rules of using TUSS for participants, drivers and on-demand booking services (ODBSs).

Penalties apply if the TUSS Guidelines are not followed or if drivers refuse to accept TUSS vouchers. 

How to claim your Christmas Day co-payment

Find out how to claim your special $20.00 co-payment for TUSS wheelchair subsidy journeys performed between 8.00am and 6.00pm on Christmas Day (Monday 25 December 2023). 

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This page includes information for drivers about working with people with disability, including driver training and responsibilities, assistance animals and safely transporting mobility devices.

 How to accept TUSS vouchers

Read this page to find out how to correctly accept and complete TUSS vouchers and submit them for payment.
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