It is easy to cycle instead for transport, especially for those short trips to work, local train station, shops or cafes.

The Department of Transport cycling information pages are packed with useful resources for people who commute by bike or wish to explore Perth and regional Western Australia.

Woman cycling along the Swan River

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 Bicycle riding rules, standards and incident reporting

A bicycle is a legal road vehicle and it is important to know the rules to help make riding a bicycle safer. This section outlines the rules, standards, equipment and safety criteria that bicycles and riders need to meet to be considered legal in WA.

 Events and groups

Find out about great events, groups and clubs for cycling in WA.

 Long-term cycle network

Joining forces to deliver an integrated cycling network for Perth and Peel and realise the cycling potential of regional Western Australia.

 Major projects and programs

The Department of Transport has long been involved in improving cycling amenities in Perth through programs specifically designed to help those wishing to begin riding a bicycle.

 Evaluation, monitoring and research

The Department of Transport is involved in monitoring and evaluating WA’s bicycle network, programs and projects. This includes evaluating the impacts of major investment and regularly monitoring usage of the network.

 Planning and design guidance

The Department of Transport is currently developing a suite of guidelines to assist practitioners to plan and design for bike riding in Western Australia.

 Cycling publications

In this section you will find Cycling publications and resources, including links to useful websites.
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