Network monitoring and reporting

DoT regularly monitors activity on WA's bicycle network using quantitative and qualitative data sources that provide valuable insights into bike riding activity across the state.

  Bike counter data

WA’s bicycle network is quantitatively monitored using permanent bicycle counters (with piezoelectric strip technology) located mainly on off road shared paths in the Perth Metropolitan Area, with some counters located in strategic regional locations.

While the counters provide an accurate, continuous record of bike riding at these sites, there are numerous bike routes which are not captured in the current counter network. At present, the permanent counter network will only report on bike movement trends over times, days and locations. DoT is investigating ways to collect data related to groups of bike riders, pedestrians and micro mobility movements.

For more information about the bike counter network read the Counting and monitoring bike riding in WA FAQ below. Counter locations and some high level statistics can be found at the MRWA Traffic Map website.

MRWA traffic map

  Community surveys

The Department of Transport qualitatively monitors community sentiment and participation towards bike riding through use of community surveys.

The National Cycling Participation Survey is conducted every 2 years via a joint collaboration with Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand. This survey provides useful insights on bike riding trends across WA and compares them with those of other Australian states and territories.

In 2020, online surveys of Perth and Peel residents were conducted over a shorter time period to monitor riding behaviours and the level of bike riding participation in the community during and following the first COVID 19 lockdown period. This data source provided additional insights that helped to unpack patterns in the bike counter data on a more time-specific basis.

  Strava metro data

Additional data sources are always being investigated. The Department of Transport regularly accesses Strava Metro data and continues to explore the best way to utilise this information in network monitoring, project planning and evaluations.

This data source includes the potential for bias towards specific user groups, so DoT data analysts have been considering ways to normalise the data and use it together with the bike counter data as a useful validation tool to explore network trends.

  WA Bike Network reports

The Department of Transport produces 6 monthly reports on the Bike Counter Network, including survey insights where available. Between these times, DoT regularly monitors network insights to inform data lead decision making.

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