Programs and initiatives

The Department of Transport leads or supports multiple programs and initiatives to help make it an easy choice for people to walk, wheel or ride as part of their everyday journeys and experiences.

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 Armadale Line Active Travel

Helping people get around during the Armadale Line shutdown.

 Your Move program

Your Move is an active lifestyle program that helps people with information and support to make it easier for them to walk, wheel and ride to the places they need to go.

 WA Bicycle Network Plan

The WA Bicycle Network (WABN) Plan provides a blueprint to make Western Australia a place where riding is a safe, connected, convenient and widely accepted form of transport.

 Principal Shared Path Expansion Program

Expansion of the principal shared path network helps Western Australians to choose walking, wheeling, or riding as part of their everyday journey and experiences.

 Safe Active Streets Pilot Program

We have been working with Western Australian local governments to develop, trial and evaluate ‘safe active streets’ which use local area traffic management treatments to encourage more people to walk, wheel and ride in their communities.

 Long-term cycle network

We are working with local governments to forward plan and deliver safe, connected and comfortable cycling networks for Perth and Peel and regional Western Australia.

 Active travel to school

Walking, riding and scooting to school is a fun, healthy activity for students helping them arrive alert and ready to learn.

 Green transport routes

We are working with Western Australian local governments to create scenic paths that encourage people to walk, wheel and ride.
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