Reporting an active transport incident or hazard

Timely reporting from the community about active travel hazards and incidents helps us to understand what, where, when and why incidents are occurring across the network and the hazards that exist.

Reporting a hazard

When lodging a hazard report, try to be as specific as possible about the location to aid the repair process.

Please note: The Department of Transport does not own the cycling infrastructure.

The online hazard report form will assist in forwarding the information to the relevant local government authority or Main Roads WA (for shared paths along railway lines or major roads and freeways).

Hazards on railway tracks or at stations

For hazards on shared paths at railway tracks or at stations, please inform the Public Transport Authority (PTA) by contacting them directly via the link below.

Hazards on shared paths along railway lines or major roads and freeways

Hazards on Principal Shared Paths along railway lines or major roads and freeways should be reported to Main Roads through the hazard report form, or directly via the link below.

Other hazards in Perth and regional WA

For traffic lights and hazards on roads please inform Main Roads WA via the link below.

Any other hazards should be reported to the local government responsible for the area.

The hazard report form can be used to report hazards in the Perth metropolitan area (including Mandurah). The Local government boundaries map at the end of this section will help you determine which metropolitan local government is responsible for the different sections of the Perth Bicycle Network infrastructure.

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