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Find some of our most common questions for individual and business accounts below. If you have a question not answered here, please contact Driver and Vehicle Services at or call 13 11 56 and a consultant will assist you.

  What can I do with a DoTDirect account?

You can perform a range of transactions online including:

  • View details and make secure payments for your DoT licences and registrations
  • View and update your contact details, including change of address and set your mail preference;
  • Change the National Heavy Vehicle (NHV) category for your vehicles;
  • Purchase modification permit;
  • Order auxiliary vehicle plates;
  • Manage vehicle fleets (bulk billing); and
  • Make a range of applications including online vehicle transfers, order duplicate driver’s licence card, booking services, PTV authorisation, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Worker Screening Check and more.

  I've forgotten my username or password.

Go to DoTDirect and select 'Login'. Select 'Forgot password?' or 'Forgot username?' to retrieve your password or username.

  I've lost or not received my temporary password. What do I do?

We can't provide a copy of the email (containing your temporary password) that was sent to the email address provided by you during the DoTDirect registration process.

You will need to contact DoT for assistance in the following scenarios:

  • If you have not received your registration letter within five working days of first registering
  • If you have not received the email containing your temporary password (please check your spam and junk email folders)
  • If you have misplaced or deleted the email containing the temporary password prior to completing the first login process
  • If your temporary password is more than 28 days old.

For further assistance call the Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56, or visit a DVS centre, regional DoT office or agent.

  I've tried to log on 3 times or more and now I am locked out of my account. What should I do?

The account will be locked for one hour after which you can log in with your username and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, select 'Login' and select 'Forgot username?' or 'Forgot password?'

  I have a boat but I can't see it on DoTDirect. How do I add it to my account?

  1. Log in into your DoTDirect account.
  2. Select the Marine menu and select 'Boat'.
  3. Select 'Missing a boat?'.

Provide the boat registration number and select ‘Add’. We will then investigate and notify you of the outcome.

  Can I register if I don't have a WA driver's licence or learner's permit?

Yes. You can still register at a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre or regional DoT office in person with original proof of identity documents or over the phone with proof of identity verification. However, you will not be able to register online immediately. Visit How to register for more information.

  How do I update my DoTDirect information and what do I do if my information in DoTDirect is incorrect?

You can update your address, email or mobile contact number under the 'Profile' section of your account. Contact us on 13 11 56 to let us know of any other issue with your details or find out further information if you want to change your name or gender.

  Why can't I click on the links to DoTDirect?

Sometimes we need to perform maintenance on DoTDirect and will need to prevent access. We will let you know about planned maintenance on the DoTDirect panel, on the DoTDirect page and via our Facebook page. We also perform regular maintenance on Sunday from 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm AWST.

If you experience slower response times, try refreshing the page or log out, close and reopen your browser and log in again. Be aware that if you close the browser midway through a payment, unless the payment is completed and confirmed, details of that activity will be lost.

  Can I register my business for DoTDirect?

Yes, follow the instructions on How to register to find out how to register your business.

  Can I have multiple business profiles in my account and can I swap between them?

Yes, you can add multiple business profiles to your account following the same process you did to register the first business. When the additional business(es) are registered, you can swap between your business profiles as well as your personal profile. You will be asked to enter your password each time you swap profiles.

  Can someone else from the business login and see my personal account details?

No. Only you will have access to your personal account. This is why it is essential for you to always keep your username and password secure.

  Can I add other users to access my organisation’s DoTDirect online account?

Yes. You can add delegates to your DoTDirect online business profile, provided they also have an individual account. You can invite delegates from the ‘Tools’ menu. You will need to enter their DoTDirect online account user name and their date of birth.


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