Boating facilities

Find out about boating and marine facilities available in Western Australia, including moorings, pens and boat launching ramps. Information about jetty licences, commercial leasing opportunities.

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 Facility locations

Locate a marine facility in Western Australia

 Coastal erosion and stability

Find out about sea level and sedimentation studies that help the Department of Transport understand how erosion affects the stability of our Western Australian coastal infrastructure.

 Coastal planning and development

Find out about the Department of Transport's role in coastal infrastructure development, and our recreational facilities planning studies.

 Grants (marine)

Find out about the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme and the Coastal Adaptation and Protection grants programs.

 Boat ramps

Find out where you can launch your boat in Western Australia.

 Jetty licences

Find out how to apply for, renew, transfer, modify or cancel a jetty licence in Western Australia.

 Ferry licences

Find out what’s required and how to apply for a ferry licence in Western Australia.

 Leasing opportunities

Find out about commercial opportunities at Western Australia's coastal facilities.

 Harbour moorings and pens

DoT manages facilities throughout Western Australia with options for short and long stays. Find out how to lease a pen or mooring.

 Swing moorings

Find out about the rules regarding use of moorings in Western Australia and licensing of moorings in mooring control areas.
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