Safety equipment

Find out about boating safety equipment, including lifejackets, flares, EPIRBs and marine radios.

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 What safety equipment do I need?

Find out what safety equipment you need for your vessel and type of activity.


Find out about types of anchor, rules and regulations and how to safely use an anchor.

 Bailer or bilge pump

Bailers and bilge pumps are used to remove water from vessels.

 EPIRBs and Personal Locator Beacons

Find out when to carry and how to use and dispose of a distress beacon.

 Fire extinguishers

Find out about fire extinguisher requirements and maintenance.

 Flares and EVDS

Find out about flare and electronic visual distress signal (EVDS) requirements, safety and disposal locations.

 GPS validation markers

Find out how to use GPS validation markers and where to find them.


Find out about lifejacket requirements and maintenance.

 Marine radios

Find out about safety requirements and rules for using marine radios.

 Safety lanyards

A safety lanyard can save lives on the water, especially when boating alone.

 Safety equipment changes now apply

New safety equipment requirements are now in place for recreational vessels in WA.
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