Maritime environmental emergencies

Find out about maritime environmental emergency prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

Maritime environmental emergencies present a significant risk to WA’s coastal environment and biodiversity of marine life. All marine oil pollution and marine transport emergency incidents that are or have the potential to impact WA State Waters must to be reported to the Department of Transport.

Report all maritime environmental emergencies immediately by calling 08 9480 9924.

Types of maritime environmental emergencies

Marine oil pollution is an actual or impending spillage, release or escape of oil or an oily mixture that can cause:

  • loss of life,
  • injury to a person; or
  •  damage to the health of a person, property or the environment.

Marine transport emergency is an actual or impending event involving a vessel (including collision, a stranding or an incident of navigation) if that event can cause or result in:

  • material damage to the vessel or another vessel;
  • loss of life;
  • injury to a person;
  • damage to the health of a person, property or the environment; or
  • a hazard to the navigation of other vessels.

Our role 

The Department of Transport (DoT) facilitates the management of maritime environmental emergencies through the Maritime Environmental Emergency Response (MEER) Team. 

The activities of this team are aligned to arrangements outlined in the State Hazard Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies (SHP-MEE) and the National Plan to combat pollution of the sea by oil and other noxious and hazardous substances.

DoT also provides a range of services, training, and resources to improve preparedness, response and recovery to maritime environmental emergencies.

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