Driver rules, penalties and infringements

Find out about demerit points, licence suspensions, disqualifications, driving offences and extraordinary licences.

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 Alcohol Interlock Scheme

The WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme aims to reduce the road safety risk posed by drink drivers by introducing a mandatory, user pays, performance based scheme in which alcohol interlock devices provide separation of drinking and driving behaviour.

 Demerit points

Demerit points form part of the penalties for a range of traffic offences committed in WA.

 Recidivist drivers

Repeat driving offenders may be required to satisfy DoT that they are a suitable person to hold a driver's licence.

 Driver's licence application after cancellation

If your driver's licence was cancelled for any offence you are required to make an application for a new driver's licence.

 Driving offences (speeding, alcohol and traffic)

Find out about traffic offences, including blood alcohol content limits and penalties that can be imposed on the different driver licence types in Western Australia.

 Get an extraordinary licence

Extraordinary licence applications can be made for any court imposed disqualification.

 Good behaviour period election

This form allows you to elect to take the double or nothing option and drive on the good behaviour period.

 Immediate licence disqualification

Police have the authority to immediately disqualify an individual from driving where there is physical evidence indicating that the person's blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the legal limit.

 National rules for driver licences

Find out about how licence conditions and disqualifications in other states and territories affect your driver's licence, and how you can only hold one licence in Australia.

 Rules of the road

Drive Safe and Ride Safe booklets (road rules) and sample quizzes for new drivers and riders, as well as resources on rules and penalties provided by the Road Safety Commission.
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