Our role

Driver and Vehicle Services is responsible for administering, and managing all areas of vehicle and driver licensing.

  About Driver and Vehicle Services

Driver and Vehicle Services is responsible for administering all aspects of driver and vehicle licensing in WA in accordance with the relevant Acts and associated Regulations. Driver and Vehicle Services must also keep an accurate and up-to-date record of client information:

  • To ensure the correct identity and addresses of all clients, for the purposes of correspondence.
  • To ensure that clients pay the correct fees for licensing services.
  • To prevent driver and vehicle licences being issued fraudulently.
  • To help enforce the traffic laws of Western Australia.

Driver and Vehicle Services manages information in accordance with legislative requirements. Governance arrangements provide an assurance that personal information is managed effectively and that decisions to release personal information are authorised appropriately.

Any vehicle licensed in Western Australia will undergo a check with the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).

NEVDIS ensures that vehicles in Australia can be uniquely identified through the vehicle's identification number and that it is licensed in only one Jurisdiction at any given time.

NEVDIS helps to reduce licence fraud, vehicle theft and vehicle fraud.

  Improving our customers' experience: New look for forms and publications

A new visual identity for Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) forms and publications has been created to ensure information is easily read and understood by our customers - something we hope will make doing business with DVS even easier.

Warning/final notices have been changed to a magenta colour to highlight that action is required by customers and penalty/cancellation notices will be converted to red.

DVS is committed to improving our customers' experience and this is just one of the many projects underway to fulfil this commitment.

New forms and publications design

  Our purpose, vision, values, outcomes: Driver and Vehicle Services

Our Purpose
We provide and enable safe, accessible and efficient movement for the economic and social prosperity of Western Australia.

Our Vision
To have the best integrated and intelligent transport services and solutions for the state.

Our Values
Collaboration - Working together, we get things done
Wellbeing - Looking after ourselves and supporting others
Adaptability - Always open to possibilities
Accountability – Taking ownership, we deliver

Our Outcomes
Safe drivers, safe vehicles, secure identities and excellent customer service.

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