Protecting your identity

Find out how and why we need to prove your identity.

The Department of Transport is committed to protecting your identity.

We use a range of secure information management and personal identification systems to protect your identity, improve security and prevent and detect identity fraud and theft.

Why we protect your identity

WA driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and photo cards are important forms of identification that can be used to get passports, bank loans and credit cards.

We need to make sure the authenticity of these cards is protected.

How we protect your identity

We apply the Gold Standard Enrolment Framework of the National Identity Security Strategy (NISS) to the way we collect, validate and record identity data.

This means we protect your identity in a number of ways, such as:

  • requiring transactions to establish identity to be completed in person at our Driving and Vehicle Services centres or regional offices
  • validating the authenticity of your key identity documents with issuing authorities if necessary
  • using a biometric facial recognition system to protect and secure the integrity of WA driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and photo cards.  

Investigating potential fraud

If we have reason to believe you may have provided us with fraudulent documents, our Investigation Services Officers may need to visit your residence to verify your identity documents.

When attending a residence, our uniformed officers will always produce photographic identity cards to verify their status as Transport Wardens.

You can confirm a that Proof of Identity verification is being conducted by contacting the Investigation Services Manager on 1300 040 456.

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