Vehicle dealers forms

Find forms commonly used by vehicle dealers.

  Vehicle dealer forms

Title Type Size Date
Application for 100% concession: Charitable organisations, code 430 (Form E58) PDF 256 Kb 12-Aug-20
Application for concession: Group Training Scheme organisations (Form E59) PDF 210 Kb 21-Dec-20
Application for Corporate, Fundraising and Local Authority plate series (Form E68) PDF 226 Kb 07-Dec-21
Application for plate remake/transfer (Form E45) PDF 237 Kb 14-Dec-21
Application for Reassessment of Duty Deal Cancelled – Form E124 PDF 292 Kb 21-Feb-23
Application for refund (Form C2) PDF 343 Kb 05-Feb-24
Application to license a vehicle (Form VL17) PDF 238 Kb 08-Jan-24
Application to License a Vehicle or Transfer a Vehicle Licence Motor Vehicle Dealers (Form VL12) PDF 246 Kb 03-Feb-23
Bulk licensing nomination/permit Form E177 PDF 256 Kb 28-Apr-22
Bulk licensing: New vehicle - vehicle not previously licensed (Form VL1A) PDF 897 Kb 27-Feb-23
Change in nominated joint owners (Form E4) PDF 267 Kb 21-Jan-19
Change of vehicle details: Change of engine and/or colour (Form E36) PDF 260 Kb 05-Aug-20
Commercial goods vehicle licence (CGVL) application (Form E84 - Form 4) PDF 162 Kb 18-Nov-16
License a vehicle without inspection: Motor Vehicle Dealers only (Form E79) PDF 248 Kb 29-Apr-22
Lost/stolen number plates notification (Form VL14) PDF 265 Kb 29-Nov-21
Minister of religion: Vehicle licence concession application (Form E37) PDF 261 Kb 05-Aug-20
Notification of change of vehicle ownership: Vehicle dealers only (Form MR9B) PDF 517 Kb 03-Oct-22
Occupational vehicle licence concession application (Form E66) PDF 238 Kb 02-Sep-20
Primary & Secondary Proof of Identity PDF 306 Kb 28-Apr-23
Proof of identity: Nominated owner - vehicle licence holder (Form VL186) PDF 303 Kb 23-Feb-24
Transfer of right to display optional plates (Form VL176) PDF 326 Kb 15-Dec-23
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