Electric vehicles

‘Electric vehicle’ is a term used to describe a range of vehicle types, including battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

'Zero emission vehicles' are vehicles powered solely by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells that do not emit greenhouse gases. 

Electric and zero emission vehicles provide several benefits over internal combustion vehicles for users and the community, including improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced reliance on imported fuels. 

RAC station charging 4 Teslas

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 Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Rebate

The Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme (the rebate) is a financial incentive to encourage the purchase of zero emission vehicles as part of the Government's Clean Energy Car Fund.

 ZEV Rebate FAQs

Read this page for answers to some frequently asked questions about the Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme (the rebate).

  Registration of electric vehicles in WA

Electric vehicles, like conventional vehicles, must be registered in order to be driven on public roads in the State. There are no special requirements for licensing an electric vehicle in Western Australia. 

For more details on the vehicle licensing in WA, please refer to License a vehicle in Western Australia.

  The State Electric Vehicle Strategy for Western Australia

The State Government has released the Electric Vehicle Strategy for Western Australia to prepare the State for the transition to low and zero-emission electric vehicles. 

This strategy is a product of the Western Australian Electric Vehicles Working Group. The Working Group, chaired by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, will assist in coordinating the implementation of this strategy

Electric Vehicle Strategy (wa.gov.au website)

  Thinking about moving to electric?

Want to know more? Comprehensive information on electric vehicles is provided on the Synergy website. This includes information about different types of electric vehicles, things to consider when buying an electric vehicle, an electric vehicle cost savings calculator and where you can charge your electric vehicle in Perth and elsewhere in Western Australia.

Synergy website
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