Grant FAQs

Read frequently asked questions about the Driving Access and Equity Pilot program.

When can I apply for a grant?

There are currently no open grant rounds. Eligible organisations will be invited to apply if any further funding becomes available.

When will I receive the grant funding?

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Grant Agreement Contract with the Department of Transport. This agreement contract will outline the funding and payment details. 

Do I have to acknowledge the grant funding in some way?

Applicants are required to seek the Department of Transportís permission prior to making any media announcement regarding their grant. Media statements regarding the grant must mention the Driving Access and Equity pilot programís contribution to the project.

I have spent less than expected when I applied for the grant. What do I do?

The grantee must repay to the Department any grant funds that the Department has paid which are not used in accordance with the agreement unless the Department agrees in writing that the grantee can retain unexpended grant funds.

The project scope that was approved has changed. What do I do?

The grantee must not make any material changes to the Granteeís program without the prior written consent of the Department of Transport.  

Page last updated: Wed Feb 9 2022 9:40:13 AM