Grant FAQs

Read frequently asked questions about the Driving Access and Equity Pilot program.

Am I eligible to apply for a grant?†

The eligibility criteria are outlined in the guidelines. Eligible organisations will be invited to apply in grant round 1.

When can I apply for a grant?

Grant round 1 will be by direct approach only and is for organisations running programs in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. Eligible organisations will be invited to apply when the grant round opens.

  • Applications open: Monday 22 November 2021
  • Applications close Grant Round 1A: Monday 20 December 2021
  • Applications close Grant Round 1B: Monday 17 January 2022
  • Applicants Advised of outcome 1A: January 2022
  • Applicants Advised of outcome 1B: March 2022

Application submitted by 20 December 2021 will be assessed in January with the opportunity for funds to be released earlier. 

What can the grant funding be used for?

Funding can be used for:

  • providing beneficiaries access to theory testing services. 
  • providing beneficiaries access to a vehicle for supervision, instruction, and/or a practical driving assessment. 
  • establishing a driving instruction business, or employing a driving instructor, where no such service, or access to such a service exists, is limited or is not culturally appropriate. 
  • providing beneficiaries access to volunteer supervisors, providing the volunteer supervisor is exempt from the requirements of Section 5(1) of the Motor Vehicle Drivers Instructors Act 1963.
  • assisting beneficiaries with the costs associated with obtaining a driverís licence where no other funding or subsidy is available; and
  • other projects that provide localised solutions to localised barriers that stop people completing the driver licensing process. This could include, but is not limited to, culturally appropriate service provision and the production of culturally appropriate learning materials. 

Further details are available in the guidelines.

How much funding can an organisation apply for?

There is no cap on total funding requests. However, there are caps on the cost of certain items that may be included in a grant application. For instance:

  • Funding for vehicles will be capped at $40,000 per vehicle. 
  • Fuel costs are capped at $250 per week to a total of $13,000.
  • Training costs to become a licensed driving instructor are capped at $13,000 per person.
  • Costs associated with engaging local volunteer supervisors will be capped at $35 p/hour.
  • Costs associated with assisting a beneficiary through the licensing process are capped at $5,000 per person.

I havenít been invited to apply for funding in grant round 1, can I apply?

Only providers who have been invited can apply for funding in the initial grant round. If funding is available for future grant rounds, you may be eligible to apply later.

How will this grant round be assessed?

Each grant round will have an application period and an assessment period. Grants will be awarded following an assessment. 

The assessment criteria and decision-making process used to assess applications are provided in the grant guidelines. 

A rigorous assessment process of all applications is undertaken. This will check:

  • how the grant proposal will achieve outcomes and provide value for money; 
  • the eligibility of the organisation, including Australian Business Number (ABN) Indigenous Corporation Number (ICN), financial sustainability, insurances, and risk management processes in place; 
  • the organisations capacity to deliver an expanded service, or capability to deliver a new service, based on responses to selection criteria; and 
  • previous experience in delivering, similar or like programs with quantifiable evidence to support claims. 

Assessors are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest. 

When will I know if my application was successful?

You will be notified of the outcome of your application. 

Applicants should allow up to 6 weeks for the approval process once submission are received. 

How many grants will be awarded per region?†

There is no cap on the number of successful applications for the Kimberley and Pilbara regions. Subsequent grant round funding and grant recipients are subject to available funding.  

Does my organisation have to be based in the region that each grant round is open to?

Each grant round will have restrictions on where programs must operate for the program to be eligible for funding in that round. 

An organisationís head office can be located anywhere in WA so long as they are applying for funding for a program operating within an eligible region.

Organisations that operate in multiple regions can apply in multiple funding rounds, but can only apply for grants for programs that operate within regions eligible to be funded in that round.

Organisations will need to demonstrate significant sustainable regional benefits and a commitment to local decision-making and planning to be eligible for a grant.

Can I apply for funding in more than one region?

Yes. Where funding is sought for projects across multiple regions, applicants will be required to clearly identify for each region how the project will be delivered, the funding requested and the expected outcomes. 

If I am unsuccessful this round, can I still apply when the next round opens?

Yes. If you are notified your application was unsuccessful, applicants can contact the Department of Transport to discuss the outcome of the assessment and how the application/project might be amended for consideration in any future rounds.

Can someone from the Department of Transport help me with my application?

The Department can provide general advice and information on completing a grant application but cannot provide any grant application content. This is to ensure fairness and integrity of the application process. 

Who do I contact if Iím having trouble using or submitting and application form?

Grants are submitted using SmartyGrants. SmartyGrantís Help Guide for Applicants and Applicant Frequently Asked Questions should answer most questions. Otherwise email 

External Link SmartyGrant Help Guide for Applicants
External Link SmartyGrant Applicant FAQs

Will you contact me if there are problems/questions about our application?

To maintain fairness and integrity of the application process, the Department of Transport cannot contact applicants to resolve issues with applications after the grant round has closed. If an applicant supplies incomplete documents, they may be contacted for further information.

When will I receive the grant funding?

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Grant Agreement Contract with the Department of Transport. This agreement contract will outline the funding and payment details. 

Do I have to acknowledge the grant funding in some way?

Applicants are required to seek the Department of Transportís permission prior to making any media announcement regarding their grant. Media statements regarding the grant must mention the Driving Access and Equity pilot programís contribution to the project.

I have spent less than expected when I applied for the grant. What do I do?

The grantee must repay to the Department any grant funds that the Department has paid which are not used in accordance with the agreement unless the Department agrees in writing that the grantee can retain unexpended grant funds.

The project scope that was approved has changed. What do I do?

The grantee must not make any material changes to the Granteeís program without the prior written consent of the Department of Transport.  

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