Projects/Planning publications by topic

In this section you will find publications (listed by topic) relating to major transport projects.

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  Coastal infrastructure projects

Title Type Size Date
Beadon Creek Boat Harbour: Land use framework PDF 2 Mb 09-Feb-17
Boat Harbour Locations North Metropolitan Region PDF 3 Mb 19-Oct-17
Hillarys Boat Harbour: Concept image for replacement K and L jetties PDF 1 Mb 09-Feb-17
Hillarys Boat Harbour: Proposed North East car park extension PDF 795 Kb 09-Feb-17
Jurien Bay Boat Harbour long-term monitoring and management plan PDF 11 Mb 30-Sep-22
Jurien Bay Boat Harbour maintenance dredging offshore placement PDF 4 Mb 30-Oct-20
Jurien Bay entrance reconfiguration concept information brochure PDF 2 Mb 31-Jul-20
Port Geographe coastal structures: Compliance Assessment Plan - Ministerial Statement 990 PDF 960 Kb 16-Feb-16
Port Geographe coastal structures: Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan (EMMP) PDF 2 Mb 09-Nov-21
Port Geographe final technical working group report PDF 6 Mb 16-Nov-20
Port Geographe Marina Monitoring Program (2016 - 2021) close-out report PDF 1 Mb 26-Nov-21
Port Geographe Reconfiguration Project: Construction images PDF 1 Mb 14-Feb-17
Port Geographe reconfiguration: previous image galleries PDF 2 Mb 11-Jul-18
Port Geographe sand and seagrass wrack modelling study, March 2011 PDF 8 Mb 14-Sep-17
Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina concept PDF 8 Mb 29-Jul-19
Seagrass wrack dynamics in Geographe Bay WA, April 2010: Synopsis PDF 1 Mb 14-Sep-17
Seagrass wrack management trial at Port Geographe PDF 541 Kb 01-Oct-18
Summary of the Beadon Creek capital dredging environmental monitoring PDF 1 Mb 27-Apr-18
Two Rocks Marina: Existing Marina PDF 7 Mb 31-Mar-21
Two Rocks Marina: Upgrade (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 264 Kb 19-Oct-17

  Perth Greater CBD Transport Plan

Title Type Size Date
Perth Greater CBD Transport Plan FAQs PDF 303 Kb 21-Oct-22

  Perth parking


Title Type Size Date

  Ports Governance Review

  Project approval process

Title Type Size Date
Department of the Premier and Cabinet: Lead agency framework Link   06-Apr-17

  Regional Freight Plan

  State Aviation Strategy

Title Type Size Date

  WA Bicycle Network Plan

Title Type Size Date
Principal Shared Path Program (2017-2022) PDF 1 Mb 23-Aug-22

  Westport: Port and Environs Strategy

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