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The Westport final report outlines long-term solutions for Perth’s future freight needs. The final report has recommended a land-backed port be built within the Kwinana Industrial Area.

Work will now proceed to determine the timetable of transitioning freight from Fremantle Port to Kwinana.

  Westport Program Strategy

To guide the next phase of work, Westport released its Program Strategy which sets a roadmap for Stage 3 work.

This important document includes Westport’s vision, key objectives, values and how Westport is planning for Western Australia’s future. The Strategy guides Westport’s priorities in planning for a future port in Kwinana, and paints a tangible narrative of what Program success will look like. 

PROJ_P_Westport_Program_Strategy.pdf icon Westport Program Strategy - Stage 3 Kb

  Westport-update - Perth’s future container port

The State Government has announced the location for WA’s future container port to handle the growing trade task.

As Perth and the surrounding areas grow, container freight traffic has begun to test the capacity of the suburban road and rail networks.

Continued growth will require a new container port and transport links to be developed in Kwinana, near Anketell Road.

The next stages of Westport’s work are critical to ensure that we build further environmental resilience and road corridors are protected to be ready for a future port when it is needed.

For more details on Westport’s future port and supply chain options, or to download the Westport: Future port recommendations Stage 2 report and read the latest issues of the Westport Beacon visit My Say Transport website

External Link Media statement 10/08/2020: Visionary plan for future container port endorsed by Government
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  Westport governance structure

The Westport governance structure promotes a collaborative approach to project oversight. It identifies a Taskforce comprising:

  • The Westport Taskforce Steering Committee, reporting directly to the Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Ports and the Minister for Transport; Planning, oversee the development and delivery of Westport Outcomes Report.
  • The Westport Taskforce Reference Group to provide a pool of specialist advice and industry input so that up-to-date information may be readily accessed, and to provide a mechanism for ongoing consultation.
  • A Westport Taskforce Project Office drawn from five key State Government agencies. The Project Office will be supplemented as required by representatives from other relevant Departments and the procurement of external technical expertise.
  • Work Streams to undertake technical work around; land use and transport planning, port planning, staging and commerce, environmental planning, communications and engagement with additional skill sets being identified as required.

Westport governance structure

PROJ_P_Westport_GovernanceStructure.pdf icon Westport: Governance structure Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_TaskforceRefGroupToR.pdf icon Westport: Taskforce Reference Group - Terms of Reference Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_TaskforceSteeringCommitteeToR.pdf icon Westport: Taskforce Steering Committee - Terms of Reference Kb

  Westport publications

PROJ_P_Westport_Future_Port_Recommendations_Stage_2_Report_May_2020.pdf icon Westport: Future port recommendations Stage 2 report Kb
PROJ_FS_Westport_factsheet.pdf icon Facts about Westport (Fact sheet) Kb
PROJ_FS_Westport_Environment.pdf icon Westport: Environment (Fact sheet) Kb
PROJ_FS_Westport_Governance.pdf icon Westport: Governance (Fact sheet) Kb
PROJ_FS_Westport_LandUsePLanning.pdf icon Westport: Land use planning (Fact sheet) Kb
PROJ_FS_Westport_Overview.pdf icon Westport: Overview (Fact sheet) Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Preparing_for_the_Strategy.pdf icon Westport: Preparing for the Strategy - December 2017 Kb
PROJ_FS_Westport_Transport.pdf icon Westport: Transport (Fact sheet) Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Report_Dec_2018.pdf icon Westport: What we have found so far report - Dec 2018 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_WhatYouHaveToldUs.pdf icon Westport: What you have told us - April 2018 Kb
PROJ_FS_Westport_Cockburn_Sound_potential_port_location_factsheet.pdf icon Why is Westport investigating Cockburn Sound as a potential port location? Kb

  Westport Beacon

Welcome to the Westport Beacon collection. Each issue of the Beacon is a mini report about the outcomes of the technical investigations that have been completed throughout the year.

PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_13.pdf icon Westport Beacon 13: Future-proofing Perth’s freight network - August 2020 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_12.pdf icon Westport Beacon 12: Addressing Westport’s environmental challenge – August 2020 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_11.pdf icon Westport Beacon 11: Perth’s future port - August 2020 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_10.pdf icon Westport Beacon 10: Preserving the marine environment - September 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_9.pdf icon Westport Beacon 9: Bunbury supply chain opportunities - August 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_8.pdf icon Westport Beacon 8: Why Fremantle can't handle the long-term freight task alone - August 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_7.pdf icon Westport Beacon 7: Shortlist of options - August 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_6.pdf icon Westport Beacon 6: Long-list of options - August 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Westport_Beacon_5.pdf icon Westport Beacon 5: Long-term container trade forecast - August 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_Cover_Letter_Nicole_Lockwood.pdf icon Message from Westport Chair: Nicole Lockwood - August 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_4.pdf icon Westport Beacon 4: Kwinana Rail Loop alternative concept - April 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_3.pdf icon Westport Beacon 3: How Westport will assess its options - April 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_2.pdf icon Westport Beacon 2: Feedback on Westport - What we have found so far report - April 2019 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Beacon_1.pdf icon Westport Beacon 1: Introducing the Beacon - March 2019 Kb

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  Westport news archives

PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update17FINAL.pdf icon Westport - Project update 17 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update16FINAL.pdf icon Westport - Project update 16 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_Update_15.pdf icon Westport - Project update 15 Kb
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PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update10FINAL.pdf icon Westport - Project update 10 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update9FINAL.pdf icon Westport - Project update 9 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update8FINAL.pdf icon Westport - Project update 8 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update7.pdf icon Westport - Project update 7 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update6.pdf icon Westport - Project update 6 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update5.pdf icon Westport - Project update 5 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update4.pdf icon Westport - Project update 4 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update3.pdf icon Westport - Project update 3 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update2.pdf icon Westport - Project update 2 Kb
PROJ_P_Westport_PortEnvironsStrat_Update1.pdf icon Westport - Project update 1 Kb

  Contact the Westport Taskforce

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Westport Westport (08) 6551 6525 No Monday to Friday 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. (excludes public holidays) P.O. Box C102, Perth WA 6839 Department of Transport A long-range vision for Perth and the surrounding regions' freight, trade, logistics and defence needs.


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