On-demand transport passengers

Find out about the different types of transport options available to passengers, safety, fares, subsidies and transport for people with a disability.

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 Travelling in passenger transport

Find out about your rights as a passenger, including what your options are, how to spot an authorised on-demand booking service and tips to stay safe.

 Check your on-demand transport provider is authorised

It is important to only take on-demand transport trips with authorised providers. Check the authorisation status of your driver or on-demand booking service at any time using the Department of Transport’s (DoT) online look-ups.

 Transport for people with disability

Information for people with disability, including taxi identification for people with vision impairment, travelling with an assistance animal, travelling with a wheelchair or mobility device and more.

 Travel subsidies

Find out about the various travel subsidies and schemes available to students, pensioners and people with disability. Eligibility information is also available here.
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