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Office locations

Here you can find the location of our administration offices, including Driver and Vehicle Services centres and agents.

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  Department of Transport office locations

Service Type Suburb Business Name Phone number Phone number (secondary) Fax Pre-booking required Business Hours Email Street address Postal address Business Type Vehicle type Comments
DoT Office location Marine and Coastal administration (Boating Safety Coastal) 13 11 56 (08) 9435 7805 No Not open to the public, no counter services available. P.O. Box C102, Perth WA 6839 Department of Transport
DoT Office location Postal address, Department of Transport (No public access) (08) 6551 6000 (08) 6551 6001 No Not open to the public, no counter services available. P.O. Box C102, Perth WA 6839 Department of Transport Not open to the public. Payments not accepted.

  Gordon Stephenson House - 140 William St, Perth

Note: There are no Department of Transport counter services or payment facilities at Gordon Stephenson House.
The nearest DoT services may be found at City West Licensing Centre or at selected Post Offices

Visiting Gordon Stephenson House - Public lift lobby
Visiting Gordon Stephenson House - Public lift lobby

Gordon Stephenson House

The Department of Transport administration office is centrally located in the Perth CBD at Gordon Stephenson House, 140 William Street. When visiting Gordon Stephenson House, we encourage you to walk, cycle or use public transport if possible.

Public entry

Gordon Stephenson House can be accessed from am until pm on weekdays, entry is via the Public Lift Lobby off the Murray Street Mall as indicated on the map (below) and shown in the image. Upon entry into the foyer, please take the lift to reception on level 2.

Entry into Gordon Stephenson House is wheelchair accessible, but please note that some walkways have stairs (from Wellington Street) and a ramp (from Forrest Place).

Public transport

Gordon Stephenson House is conveniently located above Perth Underground Station and is only a short walk from Perth Station.

  • Plan your Transperth journey visit or call 13 62 13.
  • There are also CAT stops nearby on William Street and Wellington Street.
  • Walking to the building is also a convenient option if you are within the city precinct.
Visiting Gordon Stephenson House (map)
Visiting Gordon Stephenson House (map)


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