Bailer or bilge pump

Bailers and bilge pumps are used to remove water from vessels.


All vessels should carry a bailer or bucket with a rope attached.

Bailers and buckets can be used for bailing out water and fighting fires.


Bilge pump

A bilge pump is a pump used to remove water from inside the bottom of a boat.

Bilge pumps are required for all boats 7 metres in length or more.

Bilge pumps:

  • may be manual or power operation
  • must be capable of pumping 4 kilolitres per hour.

If you fit an electric bilge pump with an automatic switch it must have an indicator to show when the pump is working.

The bilge pump should be protected by a strainer to prevent the pump suction choking.

Make sure to maintain, clean and check the operation of the bilge pump regularly.

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