Barrack Square Jetty 1 Replacement

Find out more about the Barrack Square Jetty 1 Replacement.

The State Government has allocated $18.7 million for the replacement of Jetty 1 at Barrack Square.

Barrack Square is part of the waterfront precinct on the banks of the Derbal Yerrigan / Swan River, at the foot of Perth’s central business district.

Being a significant place for Aboriginal people this location has a rich cultural history, combined with being the site of Perth’s first port, and it has long been a hub for ferries and charter craft either heading to Rottnest or up the river to the Swan Valley.

Objective: The purpose of this project is to replace Jetty 1 at Barrack Square and return this facility to full operations to support tourism and charter operators and provide new opportunities for growth.

The new jetty will be the same length, but one section will be narrower to provide more water space on the western side for better maneuverability and potential future development between Jetty 1 and Jetty 2.

Outcomes for the community: The completed project will rejuvenate visitor and tourism access to this part of the Barrack Square precinct. It will also provide the modern infrastructure needed for this facility to thrive, reinforcing it as the central gateway for those who want to explore our city via its beautiful waterways.

Project background

Jetty 1 has been in service for more than 50 years, nearly double its original 30-year design life. However, its use has been increasingly restricted because of safety concerns linked to the deterioration of the structure.

The jetty is essential for meeting the needs of commercial users and the community, and its replacement will ensure the safety and continued operation of the facility. 

Important Project History

Back in 2015, use of the jetty was restricted to pedestrians with vehicles and load stacking banned, then from 2019 the operation of large ferries from the western side was no longer allowed, meaning only smaller charter craft can currently operate from here using the finger jetties.

Project timeline

It will be a four-year project, delivered by the Department of Transport.

Tenders to be called for the design and construction in 2024/25. Work on site currently scheduled to begin in the 2025/26 FY.

•    Obtain appropriate approvals
•    Preparation of the design and construction tender documentation
•    Tender advertising
•    Tender assessment and award

•    Detailed design
•    Construction

•    Defects liability period

Community / environmental consultation

Collaboration with operators, users, and stakeholders will be an important part of the delivery of this important renewal project.

Only the detailed design process will confirm the specifics and unknowns about the impact of the project on the Old Perth Port building. There is a commitment to ensuring there is a limited impact to the operations of businesses still operating from the building and will work with them closely through the head lessee.

Consultation with Whadjuk Traditional Owners and Custodians is in progress, in recognition of the high cultural heritage value of the Derbal Yerrigan / Swan River to Noongar people.
Approval to undertake the project will be sought under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.

Planning approvals will be required from the WA Planning Commission and the City of Perth.

Other information

Due to the height restrictions at Elizabeth Quay, the jetties at Barrack Square continue to be the main hub for tourism and charter operations on the Swan Canning Riverpark with around 40 licensed commercial businesses regularly carrying passengers on the waterway.

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