Deckee is a free app that provides safety, weather and location-based information to help you stay safe and informed on the water.

The Deckee app lets you track and share your location on the water and provides information on:

  • safety equipment requirements
  • boat ramp, mooring (including shared moorings), and jetty locations
  • navigation aids and speed zones
  • ski and other water activity area boundaries
  • weather conditions and forecasts

It also gives you access to a range of handy tools, including

  • safety, weather and event alerts
  • find a GPS validation marker
  • safety equipment and boat registration reminders
  • access to coast cams
  • distance measuring and bearing 
  • log and share your trips with other users
  • open water risk forecasts
  • reporting an incident, fault, oil spill or non-compliance

Deckee can be used throughout Australia.

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Deckee partnership

In 2019, the Department of Transport (DoT) completed a tender process and formed a partnership with Deckee to improve access to WA marine information.

The Deckee partnership is a part DoT’s strategy to reduce incidents and fatalities on the water and make waterways safer.

Deckee will help inform skippers while they are out on the water and provide DoT with insights into boating behaviour


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