GPS validation markers

Find out what Western Australia's GPS validation markers look like, how to use them and where they are located via coordinates list and interactive map.

  What GPS markers look like and how to use them

GPS validation marker
GPS validation marker

What is a GPS marker?

Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation validation marks are unique visible markers located at a number of public boat ramps and associated jetties, which mariners or owners of portable GPS units can use to validate their position and map datum settings.

What they look like

These marks are small, flat, yellow plastic markers similar to road lane markers or 'cat's eyes'.

How to use them

  • Manoeuvre your GPS unit as close to the yellow cat's eye marker as possible. These markers will be placed either on the bitumen road surface, allowing you to position your vessel directly over them prior to launching, or at the 'T' section of the service jetty for vessels already in the water.
  • Ensure that your GPS unit is tracking at least five satellites and is set to the correct coordinate type (LAT/LONG or UTM) and datum (WGS84/GDA94).
  • Make sure your GPS unit display coordinates match the surveyed coordinates of the marker. Agreement with the coordinates shown on the Department of Transport website should be possible to within 15 metres or 0.008 minutes.

  GPS validation markers map

Surveying and Spatial Science Institute (SSSI) member surveyors accurately coordinated selected points at jetty and boat ramps from Esperance to Derby.

You can enter the values for each marker as a waypoint to assist with your safe return. These coordinates may be critical if people are fishing near designated Marine Protected Areas or using digital map charts.

Each marker's GPS location is depicted in the map below. Please click the interactive map below for coordinate information.

The map may take a few seconds to load.

Opens in a new window Department of Fisheries: Management of marine protected areas
Opens in a new window Department of Fisheries: Marine protected areas

  Boating: boat ramps and GPS markers (map)

Find boat launching ramps and GPS markers in Western Australia.

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Image of GPS validation marker location on map of Geraldton


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