Speed limits

You should always be aware of your boat's speed and whether it causes nuisance or damage to surrounding people, vessels, property or environment.

  Speed limits

At all times, an 8-knot speed limit applies when your vessel is:

  • Going through an arch of a bridge (unless specifically permitted for water skiing).
  • In or through mooring areas.
  • In any water having a depth of less than 3 metres unless gazetted otherwise.
  • Within 15 metres of a vessel underway.
  • Within 50 metres of;
    • A moored vessel.
    • A person in the water.
    • A jetty or wharf.
    • A river bank or low water mark.

Some other areas may also have posted speed limits, which must be strictly obeyed. Please be familiar with where these areas are.

  Changes to speed restrictions in the Peel waterways

New speed restrictions and other changes have been introduced to improve safety for the vast variety of aquatic users on the popular waterways in the Peel Region.

To assist boat owners and raise awareness DoT provides a free Mandurah Boating Guide and signage at boat ramps and key locations on the water.

The most significant change is the reduction of speed from 8 knots to 5 knots commencing at the entrance to the Mandurah Estuary extending to the old Mandurah Bridge, including Mandjar Bay.

Additional 5 knot speed limits apply at Doddies Beach and Harvey mooring zones and three areas of the Peel Inlet.

The boundary of the Peel Inlet water ski area has been changed to increase the area and improve safety for those enjoying water ski activities.

New areas closed to motorised vessels are now in place in the Mandurah Estuary and Peel Inlet.

For more information refer to the Mandurah Boating Guide below or contact DoT on 13 11 56 to receive a copy.

  Speed restrictions introduced from 1st October 2013

Swan Canning Riverpark

New speed restrictions and other changes were introduced from 1st October 2013 at increasingly busy parts of the Swan Canning Riverpark to improve safety for all users of the iconic waterway.

To assist boat owners and raise awareness DoT has updated its free Swan Canning Riverpark Boat Guide.

The most significant change was the implementation of a new eight knot limit in Mosman Bay extending upstream of Chidley Point to Freshwater Bay. From 1st October 2013 an eight knot limit will extend from Fremantle Ports to Mosman Bay, reducing speed in one of the busiest part of the river.

The boundary of the water ski areas at Dalkeith and Waylen Bay will also be changed and will be clearly marked with a series of buoys to stop enthusiasts skiing outside of the areas including taking off and landing skiers from and on the shore.

New areas closed to motorised vessels will also be implemented at Freshwater Bay and Rocky Bay in a bid to improve safety by providing separate areas for swimming and craft.

Please refer to the Swan Canning Riverpark Boating Guide or contact DoT on 13 11 56 to receive a copy.

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