Apply for bulk vehicle licences

Find out how to apply for bulk licensing for standard vehicles, cab chassis vehicles and small trailers.

Vehicle dealers must join the Bulk Licensing Scheme before they can apply for bulk vehicle licensing.

Bulk vehicle licensing is only available to new vehicles and small trailers.

How to apply for bulk vehicle licensing

To apply for bulk vehicle licensing, you will need to:

  • complete an Application for Bulk Licensing VL1A form to license factory new vehicles
  • pay the required administration and associated fees.

Submit the completed form in person at Driver Vehicle Services (DVS) or regional Department of Transport office or licensing agent.

You may also need to submit supporting documents including:

  • Required proof of identity documents
  • Concession (C1) form and supporting documentation
  • Vehicle Licence Duty – Dealer’s Certificate (FDA36) form, new vehicle in a dealer name where exemptions from vehicle licence duty apply.

Only people listed on the dealership’s bulk vehicle licensing permit are authorised to complete and sign a VL1A form.

The authorised representative must ensure the VL1A form is completed in full, and the details are accurately and clearly completed.


Bulk vehicle licensing fee

Fee type Fee
Bulk licensing vehicle licence administration fee $13.30

Learn more

Complete the bulk licensing online course to find out more about how to apply for bulk vehicle licensing.

  Cab chassis vehicles

You can only apply for bulk licensing of cab chassis vehicles that:

  • are factory new vehicles
  • are fitted with a fabricated table top and/or other selected standard bodies which are produced in volume to conformity of production specifications.
  • have been certified under the Road Vehicles Standards Act 2018 and have been fitted with the appropriate identification plate (previously known as the compliance plate.)

You cannot apply for bulk vehicle licensing for cab chassis vehicles that are:

  • fitted with non-standard bodies
  • modified away from the vehicle manufacturer's specifications
  • fitted with major accessories such as cranes or mixers.

Cab chassis vehicles will not be able to be bulk licensed until a Standard Vehicle Code (SVC) has been allocated to the class of vehicle.

Vehicles that need to be licensed before an SVC is issued will need to be presented for a vehicle examination at the Department of Transport Kelmscott Vehicle Inspection Station before licensing.

Booking is required.

  Small trailers

You can only apply for bulk licensing of small trailers that meet the standards outlined in the Building Small Trailers, Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1 (VSB1) .

To apply for bulk licensing for small trailers you must submit a completed Application for Bulk Licensing of Small Trailers Form E14 (below), including an engineering diagram with plan and side elevation.

The diagram must include dimensions and location of components, such as reflectors and lights.

You can submit the completed form via:

Prototype inspection of small trailers

We will assess your application and will either grant an 'approval in principle', or advise if further information will be required, or reject the application.

Once in principle approval has been given, you will need to present 10 examples of the trailer model for examination at an authorised inspection centre.

Each trailer must be identical and meet the approved specifications.

If any of the 10 trailers fail inspection, the process will begin again from the start.

The 10 trailers can be presented progressively or one at a time.

Inspection is required to ensure that all manufacturers and importers have the appropriate quality control practices in place, and to ensure that all trailers included in the bulk licensing scheme consistently meet the required safety standards.

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