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Find out about bulk licensing of cab chassis vehicles in Western Australia. The bulk licensing form (for motor vehicle dealers only) is also provided here.

  Bulk licensing form for vehicle dealers


You must pay a fee to join the Bulk Licensing Scheme. This fee recovers costs for the administration of the scheme. Associated costs include support of the Dealer Network System and NEVDIS vehicle licence and national identity checks.

  Bulk licensing of cab chassis vehicles

The following information relates to cab chassis vehicles that have table top and or other selected standard bodies which are produced in volume to conformity of production specifications.

This information only applies to businesses that are already registered by the Department for the Motor Vehicle Dealer Network.

Only new vehicles are permitted to be licensed under this scheme. The scheme only applies to cab chassis vehicles that have been certified under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act and have been fitted with the appropriate identification plate (previously known as the Compliance Plate).

Cab chassis vehicles will not be able to be bulk licensed until a Standard Vehicle Code (SVC) has been allocated to the class of vehicle in question. Vehicles that need to be licensed before an SVC is issued will need to be presented for a vehicle examination prior to licensing.

This scheme does not apply to cab chassis vehicles fitted with one-off or non-standard bodies. Cab chassis vehicles fitted with these bodies must be presented for a vehicle examination.

Also vehicles that have been modified away from the vehicle manufacturer's specifications or have had major accessories added such as cranes, mixers etc. are not eligible for bulk licensing.

This scheme allows for two principal options that may be used to bulk license cab chassis vehicles, that are fitted with a fabricated table top and/or other selected standard bodies and, are produced to a conformity of production.

The first relies on bodies fitted under the control of the parent vehicle manufacturer whilst the second method relies on bodies being fitted by local manufacturers under an authorised modification scheme that requires a modification plate to be fitted to the vehicle.

For more information please read the industry circular below.

  Bulk licensing scheme for small trailers

In December 2009 amendments to the Commonwealth Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 resulted in the Bulk Licensing Scheme for Small Trailers being placed on hold.

To assist manufacturers and importers an interim vehicle inspection process commenced on 31 March 2011. This will remain in place until the new national process is established.

Opens in a new window Federal Register of Legislation: Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989

  Bulk licensing scheme for small trailers (application process)

This Scheme is available to large volume manufacturers and importers of trailers that meet the prescribed standards. These standards are governed by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport's National Code of Practice, Building Small Trailers, Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1 (VSB1) and the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014.

The following documents make up the application kit:

  • Application for Bulk Licensing of Small Trailers (Form E14).
  • Engineering diagram including plan and side elevation. The diagram must include dimensions and location of components (reflectors and lights, etc).
  • Bulk licensing nomination/permit (Form E177).

Links to these documents may be found below.

Present the first prototype sample trailer for inspected with your completed documents (application kit).

Completed application kits are to be forwarded to Vehicle Safety and Standards at the address and/or email address below.  

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications, and the Arts: Vehicle Standards Bulletins (VSB)
Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
  Department of Transport
Vehicle Safety and Standards
GPO Box R1290
Perth WA 6844

Vehicle Safety and Standards will assess your application and will either grant an 'approval in principle', or advise if further information will be required, or reject the application.

Once In principle approval has been given, ten (10) examples of the trailer model must be presented for examination at your nominated inspection centre. Each trailer must be identical and meet the approved specifications. Should any of the ten (10) trailers fail inspection, the process will begin again from the start.

The ten (10) trailers can be presented progressively or one at a time.

This scheme is being implemented to ensure that all manufacturers and importers have the appropriate quality control practices in place, and to ensure that all trailers included in the Scheme consistently meet the required safety standards.

For further information and any enquiries please contact Investigation Services at the phone number below.

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
    13 11 56    
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