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Beadon Creek (Onslow) maritime facility

Ongoing planning for the upgrade and improvement of the Beadon Creek Maritime Facility in Onslow.

  Coastal development at Beadon Creek

The Beadon Creek maritime facility in Onslow was originally designed for recreational, fishing and charter operations. However, extensive growth of the resources sector in the Pilbara region has led to increased demand for maritime support services and industries.

As a result, the Department of Transport released more land at the facility for development.

Currently, a limited number of (non waterfront) lots remain available for long term lease.

For more information on leasing land at the Department of Transport's coastal facilities, please go to leasing opportunities.

Please view the latest Beadon Creek Maritime Facility masterplan below.

External Link Media statement 06/06/19: Work starts on Beadon Creek breakwater upgrade
PROJ_P_OnlsowBeadonConceptK.pdf icon Beadon Creek (Onslow): Development and investigations - Concept (K) Kb
PROJ_P_SummaryBeadonCrCapitalDredgEnviroMon.pdf icon Summary of the Beadon Creek capital dredging environmental monitoring Kb

  Land use framework for Beadon Creek maritime facility

The Department of Transport has prepared a Land Use Framework (LUF) for Beadon Creek Boat Maritime Facility which can be used by decision makers to consider future development applications within the Facility.

The LUF responds to the Visions, principles and goals of both the Shire of Ashburton and the Department of Transport, providing both social and economic opportunities for Onslow, including multiple marine industrial sites and a community boating precinct, containing a boat launching facility and an area suitable for the development of a marina.

PROJ_P_BeadonCreekBH_LandUseFramework.pdf icon Beadon Creek Boat Harbour: Land use framework Kb

  Leaseholder development

Following an Expression of Interest process, the Department of Transport has been working with a number of private sector companies to progress the leasehold developments at this Facility.

Capital Dredging was a requirement for development of the proposed Onslow Marine Supply Base (OMSB) land-backed wharf.

The Environmental Protection Authority has provided advice to the Department of Transport and the public on the Capital Dredging Environmental Impact Assessment.

Baseline (pre-dredging) environmental monitoring in Beadon Creek was completed in July 2014. and analysis of the sampling has indicated no detectable levels of the contaminants of concern in the creek waters. This information was summarised in a memorandum provided to the EPA in August 2014.

Construction of the OMSB Stage 1 took place from December 2016 to September 2017, by contractor Maritime Constructions. Dredging works and the associated environmental monitoring and management are described in the Dredging and Reclamation Management Plan and the Water Quality Management Plan. Overall environmental management for the project was carried out as described in the Environmental Management Plan.

The results of all monitoring during and post dredging, have been reported to the EPA.

PROJ_P_BeadonCreek_DredgingEnviroMgmtPlanPrincipalCommit.pdf icon Beadon Creek: Capital dredging environmental management plan - Principal commitments Kb
PROJ_P_BeadonCreek_CapDEIA_report.pdf icon Beadon Creek Maritime Facility: Capital dredging environmental impact assessment Kb
PROJ_P_BeadonCreek_OEPANotice.pdf icon Beadon Creek Maritime Facility: Environmental Protection Authority notice Kb
PROJ_P_BeadonCreek_DredgingReclamMgmtPlan.pdf icon Onslow Marine Supply Base: Dredging and reclamation management plan Kb
PROJ_P_BeadonCreek_EnviroMgmtPlan_EMP.pdf icon Onslow Marine Supply Base: Environmental management plan (EMP) Kb
PROJ_P_BeadonCreek_WaterQualMonPlan_WQMP.pdf icon Onslow Marine Supply Base: Water quality monitoring plan (WQMP) Kb

  OMSB Stage 2

The Beadon Creek harbour approach channel is now equipped with navigational aids. The declared depths are also available in reference to Chart 69.

  Infrastructure upgrade and northern access road

The $2.61 million Infrastructure Upgrade Project at Beadon Creek Maritime Facility (BCMF) was completed in October 2017 with the final stage of construction - a new fuel truck access road and turning circle, and improved drainage.

The BCMF upgrade was completed in stages over four years:

  • Stage A: resealing work (2013).
  • Stage B: the construction of a turning circle including constructing a formalised fuel truck access road and associated drainage (2017).
  • Stage C: a new Harbour Supervisor's office (2015).
  • Stage D: the installation of a CCTV network (2016).
  • Stage E: major electrical and services upgrades including the conversion of all overhead power cables to an underground network (2016).

The extensive upgrade significantly improved the quality of infrastructure, operational safety and efficiency within the BCMF and their benefits will continue for many years.

Fuel access road and turning circle

The objective of the major upgrade was to improve safety for lease holders and the public and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. The new fuel truck access road and turning circle provide an improved configuration for delivery trucks. The cul-de-sac has a radius of 17 metres sized to accommodate U-turns by 19 metre long semi-trailers, and has an optional exit onto the sealed fuel compound access road.

Northern access road

Additionally, the $1.2 million upgrade of the northern access road was completed in January 2018. Increased development in the north of the BCMF saw a need to upgrade to the previous unsealed access track. The overall goal of the project was to provide a formalised access road including electrical and water services from Beadon Creek Road to service recently leased lots within the facility and allow on-going economic benefit to the community of Onslow.

Construction of the northern access road has improved the level of service to leaseholders and improved drainage in the vicinity.

  Training Wall upgrade complete

The Department’s completion late last year of a $4.4 million upgrade to the breakwater at Beadon Creek will help make Onslow a key player in servicing the offshore oil and gas industry off the Pilbara coast.

The project completed a seven-year phased works program at the Onslow (Beadon Creek) Maritime Facility by the Department, working closely with private sector operator Onslow Marine Support Base (OMSB) for the final stages.

The Beadon Creek breakwater was constructed in 1968 by the Public Works Department of Western Australia (PWD) to “train” the creek entrance and maintain the navigation channel to the Onslow Maritime Facility.  Inspections of the training wall performed in 2016, found that the structure was in urgent need of refurbishment. 

The importance of the training wall has increased since the construction of OMSB Stage 1 in 2017, which included an approach channel and wharf to allow access and berthing for offshore marine supply and service vessels.  OMSB Stage 2, deepening and widening of the approach channel, was completed in mid-2019. 

Works were therefore necessary to upgrade the majority of the breakwater structure with new armour rock, and install scour protection where necessary adjacent to the newly deepened channel.  The Department undertook rigorous design work and physical modelling of the structure, to ensure that the design could be cost effective and structurally optimised.  Following a public tender process, a contract was awarded to WA based contractor Ertech in late April 2019.  

In order to gain access to the head section to rebuild it, extensive removal and repacking of the existing armour along the length of the structure was required.  This was supported by more than 25,000 tonnes of new imported granite that was used to re-build the structure to its required height along the entire 730 metre length.  Works were completed ahead of schedule in late 2019, with no recorded safety incidents, and adding a further 50 years design life to the structure. 

This project was co-funded by OMSB.

PROJ_P_OnslowBeadon_general_arrangement_plan.pdf icon Beadon Creek (Onslow) training wall upgrade works general arrangement Kb

  Onslow community boating precinct

An area for a community boating precinct (CBP) that includes a small marina suitable for powered vessels only and incorporates the existing boat launching facility, has been identified in the LUF. This area has been identified for use by recreational boaters and tourism/charter operators. The proposed small marina will have an area suitable for the development of fully serviced boat pens.

The Department of Transport in partnership with the Shire of Ashburton has established a Community Boating Precinct Working Group that has developed a preferred concept plan for this area.

There is significant support for this project and it is envisaged that this type of facility will provide economic and community benefits to Onslow and the wider Pilbara Region.

The Working Group has endorsed proceeding to the next step to investigate funding for this project. As part of this process, information is being sought from the future users of this facility to assist in determining demand for pens.

PROJ_P_Onslow_CBP_Concept_Plan.pdf icon Onslow community boating precinct concept plan Kb


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