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Broome Boating Facility

Planning for a boat harbour at Broome has recommenced. The Department of Transport (DoT) has examined options that will provide a boat harbour in Broome over many years.

  Planning for a boat harbour at Broome has recommenced (July 2016)

Site Identification

The Department of Transport is working with local agencies to progress planning for new maritime infrastructure in Broome.

A working committee (The Broome Boat Harbour Advisory Group) has been established by the Shire of Broome (Chair) together with the Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd (Deputy Chair), Kimberley Development Commission, Landcorp, and the Department of Transport to examine possible development sites.

The group has met several times since June 2016 and is examining the facility requirements and planning community engagement strategies to shortlist potential locations.

There have been a number of previous planning and development initiatives in Broome to determine a suitable location for a marina or maritime facility development. To date planning and development for new infrastructure has been impacted by engineering challenges and lack of suitable and available development sites. Broome has an enormous tidal range (up to 10 metres) and is exposed to cyclonic storms. There is also a shortage of suitable and available coastal land and development costs are very high.

DoT will continue working with local organisations and the community in Broome with a view to identifying a suitable site (or sites) for a formal boating facility.

PROJ_P_BroomeBoatHarbourSiteSelectionRpt.pdf icon Broome Boat Harbour: Site selection report - July 2012 Kb


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