Carnarvon One Mile Jetty

The Department of Transport is leading Stage 1 of the Carnarvon One Mile Jetty project which will involve emergency deconstruction and salvation of the jetty as well as recovering timbers that are hazards to safe navigation.


The heritage listed Carnarvon One Mile Jetty originally extended approximately 1450 metres out to sea from Babbage Island on the southern side of the Gascoyne River mouth.

The jetty has been closed to the public since 2017 due to the significant risk to public safety. The Carnarvon Heritage Group is the custodian of the structure. 

One Mile Jetty - Stage 1: Emergency deconstruction and timber salvage

Pic: One Mile Jetty Stage 1: Emergency deconstruction and timber salvage.

  Cyclone Seroja

Seas and swell during Cyclone Seroja on 11 April 2021, coupled with storm surge, destroyed approximately 360 metres of the jetty. Further sections suffered considerable damage and are at risk of collapsing during another major storm event.

The Department commissioned an independent inspection of the jetty and report on the extent of damage from Cyclone Seroja. The report determined that One Mile Jetty suffered irreparable damage to approximately 360 metres of the jetty structure. The report recommended the section of jetty between Pier 71 and Pier 245 (jetty head) be urgently deconstructed.

The Department is responsible for ensuring marine safety in WA. Following Cyclone Seroja a large quantity of timber entered the water creating a danger to navigation, and further storm events will likely result in more flotsam and hazards to navigation. 

Following the report, the Shire of Carnarvon, Carnarvon Heritage Group and the Department of Transport agreed that addressing safety risks was the key priority.

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  Project status

One Mile Jetty and Heritage Precinct

The Department is leading Stage 1 of this project. Stage 1 works involve emergency deconstruction and salvation of the jetty from the intertidal section onwards (Pier 117 - 245) as well as recovering timbers that are hazards to safe navigation.  Salvaged timbers from the jetty may be used in Stage 2 of the project.

Stage 2 will see the first 400 metres of the jetty rebuilt (Piers 1 - 71) with State Government funding of $4.5 million.

In addition, since the cyclone the Department has:

  • Issued a Temporary Notice to Mariners to make boaters aware of the hazard.
  • Activated a daily high frequency (HF) marine radio warning.
  • Implemented temporary speed restrictions for waters around Carnarvon to limit the risk of collisions between vessels and debris.
  • Undertaken a hydrographic survey using a high resolution multi beam to locate timbers on the seabed.
  • Established an ongoing monitoring program to identify and locate jetty timbers that have separated.
  • Engaged a heritage consultant to prepare a Heritage Impact Statement.


Partial deconstruction of the One Mile Jetty is required following further damage to the structure during Cyclone Seroja to address a significant safety risk to watercraft from detached timbers. 

People in the area are asked to observe the safety warnings and stay away from machinery operating in the water and on the beach. Salvaged timbers will be sorted and stored ready for reuse in projects benefiting the local community.  

Please report timbers found on the beach or in the water by contacting DoT on 0427 099 207

Maps of the temporary closure zones and laydown areas are provided below for your information.

  Have your say - projects to reuse timbers

DoT is working with the Carnarvon Heritage Group, the custodian of the structure, to seek ideas from the wider community on potential repurposing opportunities for the timber salvaged during deconstruction.

Groups and individuals are encouraged to participate by completing a short survey.

External Link Complete the survey (My Say website)

  State register of heritage places

The Carnarvon One Mile Jetty is included on the State Register of Heritage Places and is therefore subject to the protection of the Heritage Act 2018. Special care and consideration will be taken in the salvage and removal process to protect the heritage fabric. A heritage architect has been engaged and there will be close liaison with the Carnarvon Heritage Group and the Gascoyne Development Commission. 

The Department will work closely with the Carnarvon Heritage Group with the retrieval, sorting and storage of salvaged material to ensure possible future use of the material. Any suitable timbers, including those recovered from the deconstructed section, will be used to refurbish and revitalise the preserved section of the jetty adjacent to the heritage precinct.

  Marine incidents

Your assistance would be appreciated in recovering floating timbers and alerting other water users to dangers. Please report floating timbers as soon as possible to Tony McCann, Manager Operations and Projects on 0427 099 207.

Further, for marine incidents including any near miss events please complete an incident report form: Contact Maritime.

  Project related links / documents

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