Planning and design guidance

The Department of Transport is currently developing a suite of guidelines to assist practitioners to plan and design for bike riding in Western Australia.

Active Transport Infrastructure Policy

The Active Transport Infrastructure Policy Statement and Supplement, endorsed by the Transport Portfolio Governance Council supports the delivery of many of the WA Government's key strategic priorities and is consistent with WA legislation that promotes the coordination and delivery of efficient transport services.

Some of the key objectives are to ensure the provision of new active transport infrastructure is integrated within other transport infrastructure projects and to support collaborative development and delivery of road and rail projects, to provide consistent and suitable outcomes for people of all ages and abilities

  Planning and designing for bike riding in WA

A suite of guidance is currently under development to provide better information to local governments and other practitioners involved in planning and designing for bike riding in WA.

The first document to be released includes information about planning and designing shared and separated paths to support bike riders of all ages and abilities. Other documents in the suite, which are in various stages of development, will include guidance pertaining to safe active streets, protected bike lanes and wayfinding, as well as updated guidance on local bike planning.

Interim Guidance for Local Bike Planning has been prepared to provide guidance to applicants for the 2022 WABN Grants intake round.

Shared and separated paths

This document provides practitioners with guidance surrounding the planning and design of shared and separated paths in Western Australia to enable the safe and efficient movement of bicycle riders of all ages and abilities. It is intended to be a convenient and practical reference guide aimed at practitioners with varying levels of experience.

  Inter-modal hierarchical prioritisation

The Department is encouraging the application of Inter-Modal Hierarchical Prioritisation (IíM-HiP for short) to active transport infrastructure, such as footpaths, shared paths, and bicycle paths where these intersect with minor roads. See below for more information on IíM-HiP.

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