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Marine forms (by topic)

Here you can access all marine related forms by topic. These publications are available in alternative formats upon request.

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  Boating facilities

Title Type Size Date
Vessel accommodation application PDF 242 Kb 19-Mar-21
Application for a ferry licence PDF 140 Kb 22-Feb-21
CAP Grants: Application form (2021/2022) Word 328 Kb 12-Jan-21
Mooring Control Area (MCA): Substitute vessel for a registered mooring site (Form) PDF 263 Kb 19-Apr-18
Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour Boardwalk licence application package (2013) PDF 129 Kb 14-Feb-17
Mooring Control Area (MCA): Application to transfer a registered mooring site (sale of vessel) PDF 269 Kb 19-Apr-18
Swan and Canning: Substitution of licensed vessel for a mooring licence PDF 431 Kb 07-Nov-18
Temporary use of an emergency mooring PDF 135 Kb 16-Dec-16
Swan and Canning: Application to transfer a mooring site licence PDF 436 Kb 07-Nov-18
Maritime licence application form PDF 213 Kb 04-Sep-18
Mooring inspection report PDF 179 Kb 10-Jun-21
How to apply for a pen or mooring wait list (application form) PDF 410 Kb 30-Oct-19
Notice of intention to relinquish jetty licence form PDF 134 Kb 04-Sep-18
Expression of interest for a commercial mooring site licence PDF 529 Kb 27-May-19
Commercial mooring site licence terms and conditions PDF 226 Kb 07-Feb-17
Swan and Canning: Authorisation to use a mooring site PDF 517 Kb 07-Nov-18
Rottnest Island boating guide Link   20-Feb-19

  Boat registration and Recreational Skippers Ticket

Title Type Size Date
Statutory declaration: Deceased estate - Intestate (Form) PDF 151 Kb 21-Aug-17
Statutory declaration: Deceased estate - Probate (Form) PDF 155 Kb 21-Aug-17
Statutory declaration: Boat ownership (Recreational boating) PDF 188 Kb 13-May-19
Recreational Skipper's Ticket (RST): Application for a replacement card (Form) PDF 187 Kb 28-Aug-19
Pro forma letter of consent (Recreational Skippers Ticket) PDF 52 Kb 09-Jul-13
Additional boat owners: Additional purchasers/sellers PDF 167 Kb 26-Aug-16
New boat registration: Application to register a new boat PDF 206 Kb 17-Oct-18
HIN application (Form) PDF 212 Kb 29-Mar-17
Foreign pleasure vessel registration (Form) PDF 204 Kb 06-Apr-18
Eyesight declaration and declaration of medical fitness PDF 198 Kb 06-Sep-16
Change of name and address: Boats, RST, moorings, jetties PDF 185 Kb 28-Aug-19
Change of boat (registration) details PDF 192 Kb 29-Aug-17
Boat transfer form: Notification of change of ownership PDF 421 Kb 21-Feb-17

  Commercial vessels

Title Type Size Date
Marine pilot licence application form: Renewal (commercial vessels) PDF 242 Kb 17-Jun-21
Application for a ferry licence PDF 140 Kb 22-Feb-21
Marine pilot exemption form: Change (commercial vessels) PDF 158 Kb 01-Dec-17
Marine pilot licence application form: Initial (commercial vessels) PDF 252 Kb 17-Jun-21
Marine pilot exemption form: Initial (commercial vessels) PDF 164 Kb 15-Feb-17

  Maritime environmental emergencies

Title Type Size Date
Oil spill response: Atlas web map application - Registration form PDF 210 Kb 22-Feb-21
Maritime Environmental Emergency Response: Course nomination form PDF 143 Kb 11-Oct-16
Marine pollution situation report (SITREP) PDF 187 Kb 19-Apr-17
Marine pollution report (POLREP) PDF 113 Kb 20-Dec-18

  Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS)

Title Type Size Date
Planning projects grant application form Word 919 Kb 30-Nov-17
Works projects grant application form Word 1 Mb 30-Nov-17
Works projects grant application: Table 6.1 XLS 22 Kb 30-Nov-16

  Safety, navigation and coastal data

Title Type Size Date
Aquatic event: Application to hold an aquatic event (Form) PDF 174 Kb 13-Dec-17
Application for aquatic event exemption / closed water area (Form) PDF 222 Kb 22-Jun-20
Fireworks display: Application to close waters (form) PDF 170 Kb 31-Jul-18
Charter vessel intelligence report form PDF 134 Kb 03-Nov-14
Flare demonstration application and notification advice form PDF 194 Kb 23-Apr-21
Installation of objects in Western Australian navigable waters: Application form PDF 195 Kb 28-Apr-21
Marine incident report PDF 350 Kb 06-Feb-17
Marine non-compliance report PDF 191 Kb 03-May-17


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