Tantabiddi Boating Facility

Tantabiddi Boat Ramp is a key gateway to the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef and managed by the Shire of Exmouth.

As a result of the ongoing operational issues and a request by the Shire of Exmouth a special taskforce was established to consider options to address these issues. 

The Department of Transport chairs the Tantabiddi Taskforce and is leading planning and investigations for the project.

Tantabiddi Boat Ramp


The Tantabiddi Boat Ramp is of regional significance as the primary access point to the Ningaloo Reef tourism and recreational experiences providing launch facilities for recreational vessels and passenger transfers to tourism operators for fishing and diving, also glass bottom boat, whale shark and humpback whale tours.

The small, two ramp facility, managed by the Shire of Exmouth, operates at capacity at peak times and there is increasing competition between recreational users and tourism operators. for access to the facility. 

Located at the mouth of the Tantabiddi Creek, access for launching is periodically restricted by sand and during major rain events sediment build up closes the facility.

As a result of the ongoing issues and at request by the Shire of Exmouth, the Tantabiddi Taskforce was established to consider options and provide direction for future management and facility design improvements.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, the Shire of Exmouth, Tourism WA and the Gascoyne Development Commission are represented on the Taskforce. 

  Project status

As part of the 2020 WA Recovery Plan the State Government announced $1.3 million to fund the detailed environmental, cultural heritage surveys, and coastal engineering investigations for the project.

The Taskforce has been considering a number of sites, and there is currently a focus on a location just south of the existing facility and away from the impacts of flooding from the creek. There are a number of detailed investigations, cultural heritage and environmental surveys and approvals required to determine whether this is a suitable location including:

  • Coastal processes and sediment modelling
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Cultural Heritage engagement and survey
  • Environmental surveys and investigations.

In addition, DoT has been collecting important information about coastal processes with the deployment of specialist equipment in the area and  people can now access the tide and wave data at the Tantabiddi Exmouth Tide and Wave page.

There has also been initial engagement with the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Advisory Committee (NCWHAC) and the Nganhurra Thanardi Garrbu Aboriginal Corporation (NGTAC) as key stakeholders in the planning process. Engagement will continue to inform and guide the planning process.

Future consultation with the commercial, recreational and community groups is also planned to identify design components of a concept layout for a boating facility to best suit the requirements for these groups. 

Following completion of this planning, and agreement on a design concept, a Business Case will be prepared to seek funding to develop a suitable facility.

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