About the TUSS reform

The Taxi User Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) is being modernised by the WA Government. Read this page for information about what’s changing and how to stay up to date.

Based on feedback from previous consultation with TUSS participants and taxi industry stakeholders, work is underway to deliver a digital system that will no longer require paper vouchers to be used.

As part of the TUSS reform, the Department of Transport (DoT) will:  

  • develop a new TUSS participant card to replace your current card, which will be scanned by your taxi driver to start and end your trip; and 
  • provide a digital system for taxi drivers that will record all the trip details, saving time and improving fare accuracy. 

Further improvements to the application process and our internal systems will also be implemented throughout the reform.

There’s a significant amount of work to do before rolling out the new TUSS system to participants and industry. We anticipate the new TUSS system will arrive from late 2024.

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Check out the About the Taxi User Subsidy Scheme reform video below for an overview of what is changing and when.

Easy Read information

We have made an Easy Read document to explain how we are changing TUSS.

There are two versions of the document:

  • a PDF version with pictures to explain some ideas; and
  • a text-only Word version.

You can ask for help to read these documents. A friend, family member or support person might be able to help you.

Find the Easy Read documents below.

Confirming your TUSS participant details

In October 2023, we contacted all TUSS participants to request they confirm their contact details with DoT.

Confirming details now helps to ensure that the TUSS reform can be undertaken using accurate and up to date participant information. 

How to confirm your details

To confirm your details, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form that was enclosed with your letter (also available below). Make sure you complete the front and back of the form.  
  2. Return your completed form to DoT – there are two ways to do this: 
    • mail your form to DoT using the enclosed reply-paid envelope; or 
    • scan your completed and signed form and email it to the dedicated TUSS reform email address:

Due to the high volume of forms received, it may take some time for us to process completed forms and update your details on our systems. Our Customer Service team may still contact you over the coming months to confirm your details for regular TUSS transactions.

If you have any questions about the TUSS reform or how to confirm your details, please contact DoT. 

TUSS reform achievements in 2023

We completed a lot of work during 2023 as we began to modernise and improve TUSS. Our main achievements included: 

  • Enhanced systems for more efficient processing of TUSS applications.
  • Developed a new online portal for occupational therapist assessments to submit their recommendations securely and electronically to DoT.
  • Commenced confirmation of TUSS participant contact details to ensure they receive important information and updates about the new TUSS system. Read Confirming your TUSS participant details (below) for more information.
  • Published an updated TUSS application form in accessible PDF format. Visit Apply for TUSS to find the application form.
  • Started design work on a new, accessible participant card.
  • Commenced work to develop a digital way to record TUSS trips, including:
    • a mobile application for drivers; and 
    • functionality to link taxi dispatch equipment to DoT systems via an application programming interface (API).
  • Engaged with key disability and community stakeholders to discuss the planned changes.

What will we be working on in 2024

Our work continues this year as we aim to launch the new TUSS system from late 2024. Some of the key tasks we will achieve this year are as follows:

  • Finish building the digital TUSS system, including the driver’s mobile phone application and API.
  • Finalise the TUSS participant card design and engage key stakeholders on card accessibility and usability.
  • Encourage early renewal for TUSS participants whose cards expire in 2024 or early 2025, to ensure their participation doesn’t lapse when we transition to new cards.
  • Develop a pilot of the new TUSS system to test functionality and reliability.
  • Begin sending new cards to participants, allowing participants to use their new card to start and end TUSS trips. 
  • Provide education, training and assistance to support participants and industry as they transition to the new digital TUSS system, 

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Frequently asked questions

When will I get my new TUSS participant card?

New TUSS participant cards will start being sent to participants from late 2024. Your current TUSS participant card and voucher book should continue to be used for now. 

We’ll communicate directly with TUSS participants when new cards are ready. 

Will TUSS participants need an app or smartphone to access the new system?

No, TUSS participants will not need an app or smartphone when the new TUSS system starts from late 2024. 

How will interstate travel work under the new TUSS system?

If you are a WA TUSS participant, you are entitled to access your normal subsidy when travelling in another state in Australia. Under the new TUSS system, you will still need to get a TUSS Interstate Voucher Book to access your subsidy in another state.

Visit Apply for TUSS for more information about interstate travel. 

Will subsidy amounts increase?

As part of the TUSS reform, DoT is reviewing subsidy caps and taxi driver co-payment amounts associated with the scheme. Any increases to subsidy caps that may be recommended as a result of that review would be subject to the normal government budget approval process and could not be implemented until after the new digital TUSS solution is implemented.

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