PTV inspections

Passenger transport vehicle (PTVs) must undergo initial and annual inspections to maintain their authorisation. Find out about PTV inspections and compliance checks.

  Initial and annual inspections

Passenger transport vehicles (PTVs) are required to pass an initial vehicle safety inspection at an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) prior to applying for authorisation, as well as annual inspections to maintain their vehicle licence and PTV authorisation.

For more details on how the annual inspection requirement affects vehicle licence renewal, visit the renew/replace my vehicle licence page. 

The vehicle inspection will check that your vehicle meets roadworthiness standards as well as confirm that any modifications to the vehicle meet safety requirements.

Please note: there is no maximum vehicle age for PTVs under the legislation. On-demand booking services (ODBSs) may have their own vehicle age and inspection requirements – please liaise directly with your ODBS for specific advice.

To complete an inspection, you will need to make a booking with an AIS for a time to attend, and bring a completed, printed copy of the ODT119: Vehicle Examination Required form (below) to your inspection. 

The inspection may also be audited to ensure that any modifications have the necessary approvals and meet required standards. When vehicles are inspected, copies of all relevant modification permits must be inside the vehicle. In the event of change of ownership, the modification approval should be passed onto the new owner. 

Details about inspections, including a pre-vehicle inspection checklist to take to your mechanic and information on AISs, is available on the Get a vehicle inspected page.

  Modifying a PTV

Equipment installed in PTVs may require a vehicle modification approval if it forms a change or alteration from the vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.

Modifications classified as “Simple” or “Complex” require approval. “Minor” modifications do not require approval. 

Typical PTV modifications which are likely to need modification approval include:

  • camera surveillance units;
  • fare calculation devices (meters);
  • dispatch services; and
  • wheelchair accessibility equipment.

Modified vehicles will fail an inspection if a required approval has not been granted. 

If your vehicle modification is approved by DoT, you will be issued a modification permit by the AIS. You are required to carry this inside the vehicle at all times and keep copies in a safe place.

The PTV equipment and modification requirements page provides further detail about typical PTV modifications requiring approval and how to apply for approval.

  On-road PTV compliance checks

In addition to regular inspections, your PTV may be subject to an on-road check. DoT Education and Compliance Officers will check that your PTV meets specific requirements for the relevant category of PTV authorisation.

The table below contains examples of what officers will look for during an on-road passenger transport vehicle (PTV) checks under the Transport (Road Passenger Services) Regulations 2020. Specific requirements for on-demand rank or hail (OD-RH) and on-demand charter (OD-C) are outlined.

DoT Education and Compliance Officers will also check for:

  • general vehicle safety issues, such as intact seat belts and tyres, and damage-free vehicles; and
  • modification approvals for any vehicle modifications such as wheelchair accessibility equipment. 

The Department publishes resources to assist operators to maintain safe vehicles on the Safety Management for authorised booking services page.

Transport (Road Passenger Services) Regulations 2020

On-demand Rank or Hail PTVs

Regulation Description Example
22 OD-RH markings, livery, lights and signs OD-RH markings, livery, lights and signs
25 ODBS name and contact details ODBS name and contact details
98 Raised lettering Raised lettering
108 Camera surveillance unit (CSU) operational Camera surveillance unit (CSU) operational
109 External CSU signage External CSU signage
109 Internal CSU signage Internal CSU signage
128 Fare schedule displayed Fare schedule displayed
132 Fare calculation device (meter) operational Fare calculation device (meter) operational
134 ODBS details – interior ODBS details – interior

On-demand Charter PTVs

Regulation Description Example
27 ODBS signage ODBS signage
109 Internal CSU signage Internal CSU signage
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