What are PTD authorisations?

A passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisation is an annual authorisation that permits a person to drive passengers for hire or reward, as part of their paid or volunteer work.

  What is a passenger transport driver authorisation and do I need one?

A passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisation is an annual authorisation that permits a person to drive a vehicle for the purpose of transporting passengers for hire or reward.

You need a PTD authorisation if you drive, or intend to drive, a vehicle for hire or reward.

In deciding whether you need a PTD authorisation, you must consider whether you, as a driver, are receiving a payment or other reward for the driving, and whether the passengers are paying a fee or some other consideration for the transport service. 

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  Am I driving for hire or reward?

The Department of Transport (DoT) does not mandate who must have a PTD authorisation. It is up to you, as the driver's licence holder, to consider your intended purpose in driving a vehicle. If you need an authorisation due to the nature of your driving, you can apply for a PTD authorisation via DoTDirect.

The first question to ask yourself is whether the vehicle is being used for carrying passengers for hire or reward.

You are generally driving for hire or reward if:

  • the passengers or hirers of the vehicle have paid, or are required to pay, an amount to use the service; or
  • you get paid to drive the vehicle as a primary part of your job, even if the passengers aren’t paying for the service; or
  • you get paid directly by the passengers for the service.

Please note, the information below is provided as a guide only. You should consider your personal circumstances carefully in determining whether you require a PTD authorisation. 

The Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018 and associated regulations provide guidance outlining circumstances when passengers are or are not carried for hire or reward (linked below).  

Transport is for hire or reward

Transport is for hire or reward Example service
Passengers are paying for the service directly to you as the driver, or to an on-demand booking service or hirer.
  • On-demand passenger transport:
    • taxi;
    • premium charter;
    • limousine;
    • rideshare; or
    • contracted charter for mine sites, in-bound tours.
  • Dial-a-skipper services. 
Passengers are paying for the service as they board or book tickets, or through other fees.
  • Regular passenger transport services – timetabled route with designated stops.
  • Tourism passenger transport service – publicly available tour itinerary both on-road and off-road.
  • School bus services.
Passengers are not paying for the transport service but you are paid to drive as a main part of your job.
  • Community transport service as an employee of a local government, religious, educational, recreational or sporting establishment.
  • Free city CAT bus.
  • Courtesy shuttle service.
Passengers are paying a contribution to trip costs as part of a car pooling arrangement where you are the driver.
  • Private car pool arrangement with less than 9 people in the vehicle, including driver.

You are generally not driving for hire or reward if: 

  • You are driving in a volunteer capacity (not paid or otherwise rewarded) and neither the passengers nor hirer have paid in any way.
  • You are driving in a volunteer capacity and the amount being paid by the passengers only covers the running costs of the vehicle, prescribed at 72 cents per kilometre.
  • You are driving in a volunteer capacity and the vehicle is being driven to provide a community transport service.
  • You are employed by or are a volunteer for the provider of the transport service but your main duties do not generally include the driving (i.e. the driving is incidental to what you are normally paid to do).
  • You are driving in the course of providing or operating a child care service or as part of your employment in a child care service. 
  • You are driving in a car pooling situation with 9 or less people in the vehicle, including the driver (provided the vehicle is provided by the driver), and:
    • the driver would be undertaking the journey anyway; 
    • the driver or any other person do not ply or tout for the passengers; and
    • the driver or any other person do not make a profit from the passengers’ payments.
Transport (Road Passenger Services) Regulations 2020
Opens in a new window Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018

  Am I eligible to apply for a PTD authorisation?

You can apply for a PTD authorisation if you: 

  • are aged 20 years old or more; and 
  • hold a current and valid WA drivers licence; and
  • have held a driver’s licence, or the equivalent driving authorisation from another jurisdiction for a period of three (3) years; and
  • have not been disqualified from holding or obtaining a PTD authorisation (i.e. committed a disqualification offence).

  How much does a PTD authorisation cost?

There are two costs associated with a PTD authorisation:

  • an initial application fee, when a driver first applies for a PTD authorisation; and
  • an annual authorisation fee

Visit On-demand Transport fees and charges to find the current fee amounts.

The application fee is only payable when you first apply for a PTD authorisation. If you renew your authorisation before it expires you will only need to pay the annual authorisation fee in subsequent years. If you do not renew your PTD authorisation by the renewal date and allow it to lapse, you will need to pay the application and authorisation fees to apply for a new PTD authorisation. 

The annual PTD authorisation fee will recover the cost of DoT's ongoing monitoring of drivers’ suitability to drive a vehicle for hire or reward.

WA Police and Department of Justice shares data with DoT that allows us to monitor convictions and charges against people authorised to drive for hire or reward.

  What does a PTD authorisation look like?

Passenger Transport Authorisation - sample
Passenger Transport Authorisation - sample

A PTD authorisation is supplied as a PDF document. It includes the:

  • authorisation holder’s name;
  • authorisation expiry date;
  • authorisation number;
  • authorisation issue date;
  • due date for the holder’s next Commercial Driver Medical; 
  • due date for the holder’s next National Police Certificate; and
  • any conditions of authorisation.

Once you are granted a PTD authorisation, your PTD authorisation document will be sent to you via email.

If you drive an authorised passenger transport vehicle (PTV), you must display driver identity information including your PTD authorisation number. 

  Check a PTD authorisation

Under the Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018, drivers must hold a passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisation to drive a vehicle for hire or reward.  

Passengers are encouraged to only take trips through authorised providers for their safety.

It is important that you display the correct driver identity information, including your PTD authorisation number, so passengers can easily identify your authorisation number. 

Your driver identity information must be made available to passengers. 

If you’re driving a taxi, your driver ID needs to be on display in the vehicle. 

If you’re driving a charter vehicle (which includes rideshare, limousine and party bus services), your driver identity information can be provided to the hirer when they book, provided in the booking app, displayed in the vehicle or worn on your uniform.

The List of authorised passenger transport drivers below can be used by the public to check the authorisation status of a passenger transport driver – just enter the PTD authorisation number.

My PTD authorisation is not showing in the search

If you cannot find your PTD authorisation on this list, you may not be properly authorised. Please contact the Department of Transport on 13 11 56 or via email at ondemandtransport@transport.wa.gov.au for assistance.

Note: this search service is provided as a guide to the authorisation status of a driver at the time of the check. It is, however, not conclusive proof that a driver holds a passenger transport driver authorisation. If you are concerned about the status of a driver’s authorisation after using this search, you can contact On-demand Transport.

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