Unlicensed vehicle permits

Find out about an unlicensed vehicle permit.

  Unlicensed vehicle permits (greater than 48 hours)

An unlicensed vehicle permit (UVP) may be issued for:

  • A vehicle to be entered in a rally.
  • A rally support vehicle.
  • A motorcycle to be entered into an enduro event.
  • Over dimensional vehicles and equipment used in the agricultural, industrial or mining industries that is not eligible to be licensed as Class B vehicles.
  • Any vehicle that is over weight on axles and is not eligible to be licensed as a Class C vehicle.
  • Any other vehicle that does not comply with the requirements for licensing.
  • Any other vehicle that is designed primarily for recreational, sporting or related purposes.

The UVP is valid for a period of between 60 hours and 12 months depending on the intended use of the vehicle.

Conditions of use

The operator of the vehicle issued with an UVP is obliged to comply with the conditions listed on the permit in addition to any conditions endorsed by the issuing officer.

A vehicle issued with a UVP should not carry a load on a road unless the goods are the property of the owner of the vehicle and are not for sale or disposal. For example, goods that can be carried include boats on trailers and goods carried in caravans, display vehicles, etc.

Applying for an unlicensed vehicle permit

An application for an unlicensed vehicle permit (UVP) must be completed and lodged at the Vehicle Safety and Standards at least 14 days before the permit is required.

All applications are looked at on a case-by-case basis and may be refused subject to the CEO's determination.

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