Licensing forms by A-Z

Forms (A-Z) for driver and vehicle licences, plates, and vehicle modifications in Western Australia.

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  Important notes about mailing forms

Many of these forms can be completed online but will need to be printed once completed. If a form needs to be printed before it can be completed, a note indicating this is displayed beneath the form title.

Generally, DVS will only accept completed licensing forms that are:

Each form has instructions on which method of submission is available.

Some forms require you to provide documents as proof of your identity (original documents only). A fact sheet on acceptable documents is provided below.

Some notifications such as change of address or transfer of a vehicle licence can be submitted through your DoTDirect account.

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  Licensing forms: A-D

Title Type Size Date
A-frame Towing Application Form (E182) PDF 207 Kb 31-Jan-23
Application for 100% concession: Charitable organisations, code 430 (Form E58) PDF 256 Kb 12-Aug-20
Application for a farm haulage concession (Form E127) PDF 226 Kb 23-Feb-24
Application for agricultural machinery or agricultural special purpose vehicle concession (Farm tractor-plant) (Form VL18) PDF 302 Kb 10-May-21
Application for Bulk Licensing of Small Trailers (Form E14) PDF 422 Kb 16-Feb-17
Application for concession (Form C1) PDF 406 Kb 19-Sep-22
Application for concession on a stock transport vehicle (Form E73) PDF 121 Kb 02-Mar-18
Application for concession: Group Training Scheme organisations (Form E59) PDF 210 Kb 21-Dec-20
Application for concession: Vehicle fitted with a wheelchair hoist or ramp (Form E61) PDF 262 Kb 12-Aug-20
Application for Corporate, Fundraising and Local Authority plate series (Form E68) PDF 226 Kb 07-Dec-21
Application for Emergency Vehicle Status or Authorisation to Fit and/or Display Flashing Warning Lights (Form E178A) PDF 292 Kb 13-Dec-17
Application for farm vehicle concession (Form VL39) PDF 477 Kb 24-Apr-19
Application for Fleet Licensing (Form E72) PDF 276 Kb 22-Nov-22
Application for Motor Injury Insurance Class 2(f) (Form E10) PDF 248 Kb 13-Jul-16
Application for new Driver's licence number form (E126) PDF 228 Kb 07-Dec-22
Application for plate remake/transfer (Form E45) PDF 237 Kb 14-Dec-21
Application for Reassessment of Duty Deal Cancelled – Form E124 PDF 292 Kb 21-Feb-23
Application for refund (Form C2) PDF 343 Kb 05-Feb-24
Application for replacement certified copy of driver's licence, learner's permit or learner log book (Form DL26) PDF 351 Kb 01-May-23
Application for Trade Plates (Form E96) PDF 249 Kb 22-Jan-20
Application to display flashing warning lights only, application (Form E178D) PDF 248 Kb 13-Dec-17
Application to Fit and/or Display Amber/Yellow Flashing Warning Lights (Form E178C) PDF 265 Kb 22-Jun-18
Application to fit flashing warning lights only, application (Form E178B) PDF 247 Kb 13-Dec-17
Application to licence an overseas vehicle (Form E65) PDF 231 Kb 21-Aug-20
Application to license a vehicle (Form VL17) PDF 238 Kb 08-Jan-24
Build individually constructed vehicle application (Form E179) PDF 212 Kb 21-Dec-20
Bulk licensing nomination/permit (Form E177) PDF 256 Kb 29-Feb-24
Bulk licensing nomination/permit Form E177 PDF 256 Kb 28-Apr-22
Bulk licensing: New vehicle - vehicle not previously licensed (Form VL1A) PDF 897 Kb 27-Feb-23
Change in heavy vehicle use (Form VL184) PDF 278 Kb 12-Jun-20
Change in nominated joint owners (Form E4) PDF 267 Kb 21-Jan-19
Change of personal details (Form C4) PDF 241 Kb 03-Jan-24
Change of vehicle details: Change of engine and/or colour (Form E36) PDF 260 Kb 05-Aug-20
Commercial goods vehicle licence (CGVL) application (Form E84 - Form 4) PDF 162 Kb 18-Nov-16
Concession entitlement verification (Form E113) PDF 180 Kb 14-Dec-20
Concessions for Classics scheme (Form E116) PDF 260 Kb 01-Apr-21
Consent for the DoT to access Visa Entitlements Verification Online (VEVO) system (Form E76) PDF 214 Kb 14-Feb-22
Declaration of Deceased Estate (Form E172) PDF 262 Kb 06-Dec-23
Declaration of supervised night time driving (Form E49) PDF 211 Kb 07-Aug-20
Delete/reinstate stock transport concession (Form E5) PDF 253 Kb 25-Oct-17
DoTDirect individual application form (Form E111A) PDF 272 Kb 11-Oct-23
DoTDirect organisation application (Form E111) PDF 278 Kb 29-May-19
Driver's licence application (Form DLA1) PDF 405 Kb 10-Apr-24
E183: Child restraint fitting station and officer application - Type 2 PDF 213 Kb 18-Dec-20

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Hard copy forms and publications may be obtained by calling the Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56.

These document may also be collected from any metropolitan and regional DVS licensing centres, or regional licensing agents (excluding Australia Post outlets).

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